5 Tactics That Will Drive You To Victory In PUBG Mobile


Launched in early March 2017 and released as of December 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now playable on mobile platforms. First of all, after the mobile games released in China as two different versions (Army Attack and Exhilarating Battlefield), we are familiar with the PUBG experience, which is known as “PUBG Mobile”. If the game PC version of your budget is not enough, or if your system does not remove the game PUBG Mobile I say dive because the game is free !
What do you need to pay attention to do not distract ? I’m sorting it out now.

1. Review the controls

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You’il even call the Gamepad with a candle.

You’re playing a ors shooter mum game on a mobile device, so you don’t have the comfort of a keyboard & mouse pair, you’re even looking for a gamepad. This is exactly what you would like to review the game’s control settings before entering your first game. PUBG Mobile’s control settings have many options under different titles. First of all, I recommend that you change from the default keystroke to Single Controler Mode when driving . If a gun is in use, the self-confident can turn off the Engagement Help , but remember, this may also give you an advantage. In the meantime, right-to-left tilt is also set to the default settings, do not forget to turn on Rearview & Fire .

  1. 2 Find weapons immediately

2 Find weapons immediately

Great advantage in finding weapons immediately

In fact, this rule applies not only to PUBG Mobile but to almost all “battle royale” games, but the sooner you find the gun in this game, the sooner you start killing enemies . If you descend to a place with high demand, such as Pochinki in anticipation of an action-packed match, you will be able to get at least five killings in a short time thanks to a weapon you will find early. On the other hand, because of the game’s Engagement Assistance feature, someone who finds weapons before you can defeat you in a short time, so you do not want to be empty when you first face an opponent.

3. Be Brave

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The brave will die once …

The realistic game mechanics of PUBG lead to death being very easy and therefore it is perfectly normal to adopt a more passive game style when playing the game on PC. However, you don’t have to do this in PUBG Mobile because it’s harder to aim on mobile platforms, so it’s very unlikely that someone will see you instantly. On the other hand, 80 of the 100 people in the matches are not the real players but the artificial intelligence-controlled bot, you can show an attack and you can get at least 10 kill per game. This game will play the game and the level of the game will be the past because the number of boots in the game progresses decreasing, the number of players is increasing. I say you play bravely and enjoy the first games, then you may not have the opportunity .

4. Keep your eye on the map

“My teacher, we’ve got us in the west.”

PUBG Mobile also has some small beauty to balance the natural disadvantages caused by playing the game on mobile devices. Especially the limited equipment on the sound output of mobile devices, especially the inability to hear the sounds on both sides (stereo) is compensated by the indicators on the map. Normally, the map is only used to see where the shrinking area or the red zone is, but the map in PUBG Mobile shows where the nearby gunfire is coming from . This eliminates the uncertainty of understanding where the sound comes from and we understand where to turn.

5 Do not run, crawl

“Go on, you’re not much here …”

ve with a bunch of rivals, enemies, armed men, trying to survive, so I can’t die of gas! This is even more common when the issue is PUBG because the map is quite large. The best thing to do in order not to attract the same distress in PUBG Mobile is to find a vehicle in a short time. It is possible to be more secure and more dangerous in the vehicle if we think that their aiming is more difficult than other platforms. I recommend you from me, pull a vehicle immediately and do not stand on the ground until the end of the game if necessary ; who knows, maybe victory comes in this way.

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