A Mystery About Mona Lisa Solved After 500 Years


The famous painter Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa , in which she portrays Lisa Gherardini , is one of the most debated works of art in history due to the many mysteries behind her. In a recent study by scientists, one of the question marks on the iconic table was answered.

Leonardo da Vinci , one of the most famous artists of the Renaissance , spent 16 years working on the Mona Lisa painting. Numerous claims were raised about the famous painting so far.

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It was even said that the famous painter was inspired by a boy whom he called Salai (Little Devil) who was working with him at that time. According to unquestionable information, Salai, whose real name was Gian Giacomo Caprotti, began working at his house with Da Vinci in 490 when he was ten years old and stayed with him for 20 years.

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The world-famous painting exhibited in the Louvre museum in Paris has passed through countless infrared analyzes , but has yet to share the mysteries it has hidden. One of these mysteries is whether Mona Lisa’s eyes follow us. Fortunately, in the last study by the researchers, a scientific explanation was introduced.

“Mona Lisa effect is not in this table, and Mona Lisa is not looking at you,” the report said in the pictorial field of Mona Lisa 35.5 cm in the left looking, it is a 14.4-degree angle for someone looking at the table in real life said

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