Elon Musk Shares First Image of SpaceX’s New Spaceship Starship


SpaceX has been working on a new spaceship for some time now. But no one knew what this new spacecraft would look like and how it would look. Fortunately, thanks to Elon Musk , we no longer have to worry about it.

Elon Musk shared the first images of the Starship test tool on his Twitter account. Musk in shares, “Starship testing tool that is currently in the production process where the concept design will look like when completed. However, the course will also be used in space missions Starship windows in the car.” used expressions.

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With the sharing of what the Starship test tool will look like when it’s completed, the spacecraft looks like a science fiction car of the 1950s with a surprisingly beautiful, sparkling and stainless steel body for a prototype.

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The Starship test tool will have a height of about 9 meters when completed. The test vehicle will be used primarily on six test flights called Grasshopper , so the vehicle will be proven ready and reliable before starting the actual orbital mission in 2020 .

We may not have to wait much for this concept test tool to be implemented. SpaceX expects to perform the first test flight of the Starship test vehicle around half a year earlier than planned, or around March-April .

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