Hackers Released September 11 USA Attack Documents


A group of hackers, The Dark Overlord , announced that he would release documents related to USA September 11 attacks in 5 pieces if they did not pay $ 2 million in Bitcoin . The Dark Overlord recently published approximately 650 documents linked to September 11 online. Hackers who can not get the bitcoin payment, this time also released more than 7500 documents.

Shared documents are said to have been obtained from insurance companies, law firms and the US government. However, the documents do not contain any evidence that the government is linked to the September 11 events.

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In the documents, insurance companies, the minimum level to make a search for the criminal search is located information. Insurance companies have made plans on various scenarios to cover the damage caused by the September 11 attacks. Even so, insurance companies tried to get out of the business by blaming the airline company, the aircraft manufacturers, the US Federal Aviation Council and the terrorists, who owned the attack aircraft.

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Insurance companies have blamed the Boeing company on the grounds that they do not equip the Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft used in the attack with the appropriate electronic transmitter . Insurance companies have also investigated whether US President George W. Bush was aware of the attacks beforehand, but he could not find any link.

The Dark Overlord, which has published the first and second parts of the documents so far, reminded us that they want to pay $ 2 million in Bitcoin. Hackers, Bitcoin payment is not made to publish more documents, he said.

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