How to Set File Download Speed ​​in Google Chrome


Internet browsers are available as a basic download manager to download files and scan for malicious content. Compared to applications like Internet Download Manager, download managers in browsers are a bit simpler. You can restart a failed download in Firefox, but this feature is not supported in Chrome . However, you can adjust the download speed with a few settings you can change from the developer settings. How do we set the download speed of this file in Google Chrome? we will tell you.

Limiting Download Speed ​​in Chrome

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This method does not have any harm to apply with ease. We recommend that you create a separate Chrome profile when you want to limit the download speed.

First we open a new tab in Chrome and press the F12 key. This shortcut will open Developer Tools . Then we select Network from the tabs .


On the second line, we click the drop-down menu right next to the Online option. There are two preset options such as Fast 3G and Slow 3G in this menu . They may not work because they are for testing purposes, so it’s a good idea to create a custom profile. To do this, click the Add button in the menu.

Click the Add custom profile button.

First, you can type a name in the Profile Name section. Then you can type a speed limit in kb / s in the Download box. You can leave the Upload and Latency sections blank. After clicking the Add button, we return to the Network tab we have shown in the first step. When we select the profile we just created from the Online tab, the download speed will be limited to the profile you are creating.

Disabling a Network Limitation Profile

When your downloads are finished, you can disable the network limitation profile in two ways. One of these is to close the tab . Because the changes you make will only be valid in the current tab. The other method is simply click Online from the menu on the Network tab.

Setting up download speed in Google Chrome is as simple as that. And did this work for you? Remember to share with us in the comments section.


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