PUBG Mobile secret how to use cheats code


What are the PUBG Mobile cheats? How to make PUBG Mobile BOT? Is there a penalty for cheating at PUBG Mobile? What is the PUBG Mobile Cheat codes penalty? What happens when the PUBG Mobile is cheated? How to create cheat BOT for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile ? What happens to players who are cheating at PUBG?

Developers of the popular battle arena PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) have announced the work done on the gamers in the game with a statement.

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The announcement was announced on Steam that 15 people were suspected of using the cheat codes programs for PUBG

PUBG Mobile When we look at the cheat codes many cheats are being obstructed by the PUBG company (ban) some tricks are accepted by PUBG. One of these tricks is the No Recoil Macro trick. So how is this trick done?


For this trick, you first need a “macro” Logitech mouse. Players with this mouse need to make a macro setting later. The following is the way you should follow.

First, download Logitech Mouse. After installation, open the application. Select Automatic Game detection. Click “Customize Buttons” at the bottom of the program. Click “Create New Profile” and paste the given macro code into the code section and save it.

Macro code:
function onevent (event, arg)
outputlogmessag (the “event =% s, arg =% d \ n”, event, arg)
if (event == “PROFILE_ACTIVATED”) than
enableprimarymousebuttonevents (true)
elseif event == “PROFILE_DEACTIVATED “than
releasemousebutto’s (2) – to Preventors it from being stuck on
if (event ==” MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED “and arginine == 4) than
recoil = not recoil
spotlight = not spot
if (event ==” MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED “and arginine == 1 and recoil then
if recoil then
–Sleep (35)
Sleep (8)
MoveMouseRelative (0, 2)

until not IsMouseButtonPressed (1)

Thanks to this code you can now use the weapons from the tab while playing PUBG.


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