Top 5 Mistakes in your Career Planning


You know how many people who go to work every day, who spend most of their life or hate what they’re going to do, don’t you? Because he thinks holidays as a holiday rather than a holiday, he is under a rope, who is exposed to intense stress every day; but there are still many people who have to work to get through.

Why do you think a man would even deprive himself of his misery? Why does she / he spend her / his life in a job she/he never likes, maybe even loving? Probably because she/ he made the wrong decision at the beginning. Instead of correcting this error, he continues to do so because he has made the mistake of making the error every day and again. What we want to achieve with all this is that when we look around, we can clearly see that a number of different mistakes have been made in career planning. Unfortunately, career planning is not known. Most people work in jobs that they don’t even know what it means. Here are 5 of the career mistakes today.

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1 Creating Workarounds

If you want a successful career, you should give up at the very beginning to produce workarounds. In order to correct your situation, you should not be able to offer a way out, but in the long run, you should definitely not make a mistake. When making decisions about your career, you should stop thinking unilaterally and aim to learn to see the whole picture. In the short term you will save a lot of money; but in the long term, it is very important that you can make choices that will make you both temporary and permanent. Please note that in order to reach a successful career, you must give patience, take the time and make the event; You should never approach ideas like “I must get instant results“.

2 Seeing Strengths and Weaknesses

You should have already done this in the process of recognizing yourself. In the end, you have to decide which subjects are good and which ones are insufficient when choosing the job and planning your future. However, it is important to mention this issue once again. This is one of the most common mistakes in the career plan. Many people fail because they ignore their strengths and weaknesses when deciding on their future. Because he is unable to approach himself impartially and often tries to cover up his weaknesses, he may encounter unexpected results. However, what should be done is that the person should approach neutrally against himself and show realistic behavior in this plan which will determine the course of his future.

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3 Making Choices According to Others

This is the beginning of the mistakes people make most of their mistakes, who do not want their jobs and who cannot achieve their successful career. The preferences determined according to the wishes of others, the most undesirable, even though the most popular jobs in the order of priority and the person’s priority in order to put their desires in the back row causes the career plans to fall into the water. Because the person has heard the advice of others and did not hear his own voice. However, you will be the only one who will be affected by this decision. Long story short, you should know what you really want when planning your career, and you should not allow anyone to take one of the most important decisions of your life.

4 Material Oriented Thinking

When thinking about what you’re going to do, it’s a matter of focusing on materialism that will prevent you from reaching your dream career. For this reason, when determining your future, you should focus not only on money but also on the values ​​that will be added to you, and you should write in a corner of your mind that money will not be enough for success in the long term. So if you want a successful career, the first thing you think is not how much money you will earn from that job. You shouldn’t spend your life for a job that will make you miserable just because you have high earnings. As a result, you have to make sure that you choose a job that you will not only earn materially but also gain in spiritual terms when deciding about your future. Because you can have a successful career in this way, you can bring your future to the point you want.

5 Getting to know yourself

One of the most common mistakes in career planning is that people get on this road without getting to know themselves. This error also prevents people from doing things they can never love and to enjoy life. For example; working in departments such as marketing people who do not like to communicate with people will never feed it, but will cause it to be unhappy by experiencing collapse over time. Likewise, if someone who does not like loneliness and who is more productive than teamwork, can choose individual works, it will make him unhappy in the same way. In short, before you make your career plan, you should really think about what you really know yourself. You must prepare yourself against the effects of your work on your life and you should not start the work that you know you will regret later.

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