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9 Signs You Need to Eat Fats Right Now

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Are fats good or bad for you? People often ignore minor problems with their health, but these issues might be the first signs that you need to eat more fat! The thing is that not all fats damage your health and lead to obesity. Healthy fats are essential for your body! They help your skin, heart, brain, eyes, hair, and other vital organs stay healthy.

It might sound like an ambiguous recommendation, but eating more healthy fat also can help you lose some stubborn body weight. According to a study conducted by the American Diabetes Association, a diet packed with monounsaturated fats is especially beneficial for people who have excess weight around their waist!

Unsaturated fats 1:03
Saturated fats 1:51
Artificial trans fats 2:26
How to know if you’re consuming not enough healthy fats 3:10
You're often hungry 3:19
Your skin is dry and looks dull 3:40
You often feel cold 4:07
You get mentally tired too quickly 4:24
You can't lose excess weight 4:53
You have problems with eyesight 5:30
You have problems with your digestive system 5:59
You're vitamin deficient 6:28
Your joints hurt 6:52
Benefits of eating healthy fats 7:24
How to add more healthy fats to your diet 8:09

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- You can get monounsaturated fats from olive oil, almonds, cashews, and avocados. As for polyunsaturated fats, you'll find omega-3 fatty acids in seafood like tuna, anchovies, salmon, and sardines.
- Saturated fats can't be considered “healthy” fats. Even though they aren't as dangerous as trans fats, if you consume large amounts of them, your blood cholesterol levels increase, and this can result in heart problems
- Artificial trans fats dramatically increase the levels of your bad cholesterol while lowering your good cholesterol. Eventually, this leads to serious heart disease.
- According to Dr. Felicia Stoler, a registered dietitian, fat makes you full and provides satiety. If you eat but still feel hungry, it's a clear sign that you aren’t getting enough healthy fats.
- If you notice that your skin is flaky, itchy, and dry, you might suffer from a deficiency of fats. If your body doesn't get fatty acids, it can develop dermatitis.
- You might not be eating enough fat if you constantly feel cold. Your body’s fat cells are responsible for keeping you warm and generating heat.
- If you suffer from an inability to concentrate, problems with memory, or feel mentally tired during the day, you might need to add more fats to your diet.
- Omega-3 fatty acids can help to fight macular degeneration, which is the main reason for loss of vision in older Americans.
- That's why it's so important to keep your digestive system healthy. Diets containing a lot of fiber and fat provide a healthier environment in the gut.
- You take vitamin supplements, but you're still vitamin deficient. The answer to this mystery is simple: Some vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, or K, are fat-soluble.

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