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The Flying Dutchman Truth Has Been Revealed

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For centuries, a ghost ship has been sailing the oceans bringing bad luck to any poor soul that sets eyes on it. This ship is the Flying Dutchman, the most notorious and legendary vessel of all time. Few people know that behind the story of the Flying Dutchman, there was a real ship. According to most sources, it was the vessel of Captain Hendrick van der Decken (who was often called the Dutchman). This ship sank in 1641, but many sailors claimed to have seen it afterward. And each time, the encounter served as a bad omen…

Not so long ago, scientists announced that they’d solved the enigma of the Flying Dutchman. Only... did they really?

A strange red light 0:57
Sightings of the Flying Dutchman during World War II 1:56
Who was the captain of the Flying Dutchman 2:44
What happened to the ship 3:08
Was the Flying Dutchman cursed? 4:08
Other versions of the legend 4:56
What modern science says about it 6:02
What Fata Morgana is 6:37
Other types of mirages 7:18

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- Nicholas Monsarrat, the author famous for his novel The Cruel Sea, saw the ghost ship in the Pacific Ocean. This happened during World War II, when he was serving as an officer of the Royal Navy.
- According to most sources, it was the vessel of Captain Hendrick van der Decken . This ship sank in 1641, but many sailors claimed to have seen it afterward.
- People say that the Flying Dutchman is cursed to sail the seas and oceans forever and the one to blame for this tragic destiny is Captain van der Decken himself.
- According to some people, the ship can rid itself of the curse if the captain goes ashore and finds a girl who will agree to become his wife.
- All the sightings of the Flying Dutchman can be explained by a phenomenon called Fata Morgana.
- Fata Morgana happens when light bends due to different air temperatures. The surface of the water provides perfect conditions for the appearance of this anomaly.
- A sundog makes bright spots of light appear on one or both sides of the sun. This effect is caused by light passing through ice crystals.
- One of the creepiest-looking mirages is the Brocken Spectre. What you’d see is a giant humanoid figure that suddenly appears in the haze.
- Light pillars are unnaturally huge beams of light shooting up into the sky. This phenomenon also occurs when the light gets reflected off ice crystals in the cold air.
- Omega sun is a mirage that occurs during sunsets. In this case, when the sun is just over the horizon, it takes the shape of the Greek letter "omega."

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