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What If You Stopped Washing Your Face?

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What happens if you stop washing your face? You wake up in the morning, head to the bathroom, and give your face an energizing and refreshing wash. But what if you skipped that part of your daily routine for a whole month? Would your face get greasy and red with pimples? Or would it be quite the opposite?

Do you know that there are cultures and places around the world where women don’t wash their faces at all because there is no running water? Still, they have beautiful and clean skin with no traces of acne or breakouts. Can you do that too? Let's find out!

What washing your face does to your skin 0:51
What if you eliminated water from your facial routine? 3:00
How to use different cleanser options 4:43
What will happen on the first day of the experiment 5:19
What you’ll see after one month of waterless washing 6:29
Remember these two things! 7:12

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- When you stop cleansing your face, all this matter builds up on the skin, clogs your pores, and doesn’t give your skin a chance to renew itself as you sleep.
- The severity of the consequences of not washing depends a lot on your skin type, current skin condition, and the makeup and skin care products you use.
- Waterless washing sounds like an impossible metaphor, but it’s actually a really popular trend. Rather than splashing your face with water, you use a cleanser or skin toner and continue with your regular makeup routine.
- Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Chwalek says that whenever you wash your face, you’re destroying the natural oil skin barrier. This is especially bad for people with dry and sensitive skin.
- If you go for a micellar cleanser, it’s enough to just dab it on your skin without rinsing. Cleansing wipes or pads are easy to use as well.
- On the first day of the experiment, you’ll struggle to overcome the natural morning urge to give your face a splash. You put on some light makeup to avoid messing up your skin and overloading your pores.
- The next day, you wake up and run into the bathroom, afraid to look into the mirror. When you do, you realize your fears were all for nothing! Your face looks perfectly fine.
- You’ll eventually get to the point where you notice your blackheads disappearing and any larger pimples vanishing.
- Since the condition of your skin greatly depends on your environment, urban dwellers need more cleansing than those enjoying life in the countryside.
- No matter how tired you are after a day of hard work, no matter if it’s 3 a.m. and you’ve been celebrating your best friend’s birthday, never forget to use your cleanser before you head off to dreamland.

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