$74M Crypto Stolen : Japanese Stock Exchange Hacked

$74 million worth of crypto was stolen in Japan . Increasing crypto thefts in recent days have begun to break trust in exchanges.

Japan’s Liquid Global exchange hacked:  $74 million worth of crypto stolen . According to a tweet on Thursday, the exchange stated that its hot wallets are in jeopardy, and as a result, it is moving digital assets offline (to cold wallets).

Liquid , a crypto exchange based in Japan , announced that it was hacked due to a security breach in wallets and therefore suspended asset deposits/withdrawals.

The firm said in a tweet Thursday morning, Japan time, that its hot wallets had been compromised and that it had moved assets from the exchange to cold wallets. ” We are currently investigating and will provide regular updates. In the meantime, deposits and withdrawals will be suspended .” expressions were used.

In another tweet following this statement, Liquid stated four blockchain addresses in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and XRP that are believed to be associated with the hacker. However, Liquid has yet to confirm exactly how many assets were stolen. The exchange has yet to respond to media companies’ requests for comment.

$74 million worth of crypto was stolen and continues to be stolen!

However, according to the on-chain data stream, a total of four addresses have earned more than $80 million in crypto assets. Analysts following the data flow said that all of the transactions started hours ago and they had approximately $74 million as of the date of the announcement. This figure is thought to increase with the official data announced.

The Bitcoin wallet believed to belong to the hackers made multiple transactions but received 106 BTC worth $4.7 million from only two sending addresses . The Ethereum address has received $69 million worth of ETH and various ERC-20 tokens in the past seven hours. Assets in Tron and XRP addresses totaled over $10 million.

Shortly after Liquid announced the hack on Twitter, the price of Bitcoin began to dip below $45,000 and is now hovering around $44,600.

Scammers rely heavily on cryptocurrencies to launder money. It continues to be one of the most discussed issues on the security side, as such transactions are mostly carried out over crypto money.

Security forces have started to take firmer steps to track down cryptocurrency scams due to the increasing number of crimes. The last example of this was that the UK police caught the million-dollar looters with the 9.5 million-dollar Ethereum , which they obtained .

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