8 Shocking Things That Can Happen In The WWE Royal Rumble


The 32nd edition of the Royal Rumble History is now just a few hours away. The WWE has fully waisted for this pay-per-view. Chasefield Arena with 40 thousand viewers is ready for a tremendous event.

Apart from the Wimmans and Men’s Royal Rumble matches, many championship belts will be strapped. Vince McMahan had come to the new row in Raw during Christmas last year and pointed to new changes. These changes can be seen on a large scale with the Royal Rumble.

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Let’s see what can be happening in the Royal Rumble, which will put the fence in surprise.

# 8 Return to Kevin Owens and Sammy Jane in the Royal Rumble match


Kevin Owens and Sammy Jane were playing the role of heel in Raw before being injured. Kevin Owens has also been the former Universal Champion, who is fully prepared for the return

Kevin Owens knee and Sammy Jane have had surgery on both of their shoulders long ago. RAW will benefit greatly from the return of both of these and both of them can perform well in the Royal Rumble match and start the Road to WrestleMania for themselves.

# 7Come back to Batista and start antagonizing Triple H

Batista appeared in SmackDown’s 1000th episode last year. After nearly 4 years Batista returned to the WWE ring. Fans had thought that Batista would go away with a guest appeal. But The Animal pointed to a new hostility.

They used to taunt Triple H in the talk that the game has never been able to beat them. Now return to Batista and start this hostility for WrestleMania 35. Fans The Animal will be very happy to see the ring.

# 6 Return to The Rock’s Royal Rumble Match

By the end of October last year when the Roman Ranes was the Universal Champion, it was believed that The Rock would return to the Royal Rumble and then win it in the match in Rasmalania. But after the Roman Renaissance, the rumors also stopped and stopped and now The Rock is not discussed.

Taking advantage of this, WWE can make The Rock an entry in the Rumble match. Rock can perform in RumbleMania after winning the Rumble match after several years.

# 5 Reunion of Voit Family

The Viet Family has been performing well for the past several years in the WWE. After the 2016 draft, the Viet Family ended. Its four superstar went on different paths

Now WWE has a great chance to reunion Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan, and then force the fans to glance again. The three superstars were running out due to injury, but now the WWE has given clearance for the return.

# 4 Help Brian Stroman defeat Entry or Lesnar in the Royal Rumble match

The Monsters Another Man Braun Storman’s Rumble Rumble status is in the sky of uncertainty. Vince McMahon had him out of the Universal Championship match because he broke Vince’s limousine car door.

Stromman has two great options to take revenge for the tragedy he has with him, he can either win it by joining the Rumble match or in the Universal Championship match, interfere with Brock Lesnar can defeat him.

# 3 Dru McIntyre to be the most eliminated in the Royal Rumble match

Dru McIntyre has done a great job in the past few months. The work of ‘Scottish Psychopath’, who returned as a companion to Dolf Jigler, has been fantastic from the ring to the mic. Seeing them they will soon become Universal Champion

To do this, the Royal Rumble match is a great opportunity for them to do so. The record of the most elimination in the Royal Rumble match was 12 (Bron Stormman elicited 13 stars in the Greatest Royal Rumble), which is the name of the Roman Renaissance. This time Drew McIntyre can break these records.

# 2 Sath Rollins Spend the longest time to win the Royal Rumble match

Most WWE fans feel that Seth is entitled to win the Rollins’ Royal Rumble match. In the past year, Raw has proved to be the strongest superstar Seth Rollins There have been reports since recent times that by winning the Sath Rollins Royal Rumble, they can win the Universal Championship match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35.

No one will object to Sath’s victory in response to the crowd’s response and performance.

# 1 Beat back to Askyka by joining the Royal Rumble match at Backy Lynch

Becky Lynch will face Asuka in the SmackDownWomen championship match. Also there are rumors that Becky Lynch will win the Royal Rumble match and fight against Ronda Rausi in WrestleMania 35. This is possible only when the match against Becky Lynch, Asuka, is lost.

If Becky Lynch wins her performance as ‘The Man’ in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, then it will become the biggest moment of the year.


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