Anthem VIP Demo Now Available To The Download File


Update 2: The demo continues with some instability, but at the moment it is possible to enter the servers and start playing.

Update : At the moment, it seems that no one has yet been able to enter the demo. Bioware has warned that it is having technical difficulties and that it is trying to solve. We await news.

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The wait is finally over. If you were counting the minutes to play Anthem, you do not have to wait any longer.

The clock ticks 17:00 in Continental Portugal (or 15:00 in the case of Brasilia time), which means that you can enter the VIP demo of Anthem and enjoy all its contents.


The demo is available for download on Origin, PS Store and Xbox Store, however, access is restricted to those who have booked the game or have an active subscription to Origin / EA Access.

To know everything about the VIP demo of Anthem – when it starts, how to download and how to access – consult our guide . From 1 February, all players will have access to the demo.


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