Apple May Be Testing New Model iPhone SE 3 in India

While Apple is expected to introduce new models this year, it was claimed that the iPhone SE 3 and iPad were tested in India.

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Technology giant Apple attracted a lot of attention with the iPhone 13 model in 2021, and nowadays users are excited and began to wait for the new iPhone SE 3 and iPad models, which are expected to be introduced in 2022. While the excited wait for the new iPhone SE 3 and iPad , which is expected to be introduced at the 2022 event , continues, it was claimed that Apple tested these two new products in India.

iPhone SE 3 and New iPads Might Be Tested in India

According to rumors about the iPhone SE 3 and iPad model, which is expected to be introduced at the event that Apple will organize in the spring of 2022, Apple is testing these new products in India. 

The company, which is said to have sent three different models of the iPhone SE 3 to India, claimed that the price it found suitable for the SE 3 was 23 thousand riyals, or approximately $307. 

According to the same rumor, the price of the new iPad Air and iPad varies between 500 – 700 dollars.

However, since these rumors have not been confirmed yet, it is not certain whether Apple is actually sending models to India.  

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