Aquaman Reaches 1 Billion Dollars


Aquaman is not only the King of the Seven Seas, but also the teller. The superhero movie starred Jason Momoa, a worldwide $ 1 billion box-office box.

Aquaman, which first appeared in the 2017 Justice League , was one of the most beloved characters in DC. Of course, Jason Momoa should be the first reason that the character refers to the mainstream .

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The actor, known for his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, evolved into a completely different place with Aquaman. The box office numbers from Aquaman confirm the situation.

According to Box Office Mojo , Aquaman’s international box office revenue reached $ 1.02 billion . The film won $ 17.26 million in the US and $ 27.9 million globally during the past week. The only box office that Aquaman collected from China was $ 287.3 million. When we think the Justice League’s total box office in China is $ 106.1 million, this figure is quite impressive.


While Aquaman is the first DC to win $ 1 billion in the Extended Universe , there is another DC Comics film that has seen these figures before . The Dark Knight Rises , the latest film of the original Batman trilogy , received $ 1.09 billion worldwide box office proceedings. In this sense, Christopher Nolan’s film stands in front of Aquaman.

The Dark Knight Rises was released a year ago in 2013, the DC Extended Universe which began with Man of Steel.

So far, we will see whether Aquaman, who has surpassed the DC productions such as Man of Steel, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, can also pass The Dark Knight Rises.

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