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This year, January 26, we will celebrate the 70th Republic Day of India. Congratulate your friends, colleagues and loved ones on this holiday.Send Republic Day SMS to your friends and family by sending our greeting cards. These SMS messages or whatsapp status facilities are altogether free on Asiadigitalnews website.

On the occasion of the Republic day, we wish you good health, great family happiness, peace, understanding, harmony and well-being. May every day of your life be filled with joy, warmth and new achievements. Happy republic day

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India is one of the powerfull country , but the Indian land has deepest historical roots, and the Indian people carry within them particles of the great Indian culture. Today, on the Republic Day of India, let us recall this and feel our common strength and power. May our country grow stronger and richer, and we live in Russia freely and joyfully!Happy Republic Day



Those who grew up in the times of the British Rule which will surely remember how much Motherland meant to man. They gave their lives for it, for the sake of its development they threw their homes and went to little-developed corners for the construction of factories and land development. Today we inherited this country. She does not require more sacrifices, she is affectionate both to her own and to strangers. Always give a helping hand. So let our country not know neither wars nor cataclysms. Happy Republic Day Jai Hind

Unite, the peoples of India,
Together we will be one strength,
Our country will be indestructible
And no enemies invincible!
Happy Republic Day Jai Hind

May our native country
Continue to be great!
I wish you all today To
be proud of her and to love!
Happy Republic Day Jai Hind

Happy Republic Day !
There is no more beautiful country in the world.
Yes, India is the best –
in our hands is its success.

Day of India! The flag develops in the wind,
God take away the trouble from the country,
Keep our unity and power,
In everything we are ready to help the country!
Happy Republic Day Jai Hind

No power on the planet more beautiful!
All the beauty went to India,
Fields, meadows, streams, mountains and seas,
Having been in it once, not falling in love is impossible!
Happy Republic Day.

We have something to be proud of in our country, the
beauty of forests, meadows, mountains, fields,
Patriotism, victories, human power,
And most importantly, India always for us – a mountain!
Happy Republic Day.

Congratulations on the this day and with all my heart I want to wish the eternal prosperity of our country and a happy life in it. May India always remain a mighty power, let every Indian person truly be proud of his roots, traditions, heroes, achievements and victories.Happy Republic Day Jai Hind

With great joy in my heart I want to congratulate you on this Day . I wish that the great and powerful country never lost its strength, that the people of India always remain united and invincible, that the spirit of the country be the most strong and unbreakable. I wish you a Happy holiday, beautiful walks in the circle of your favorite people and wonderful friends.Happy Republic Day

Always proud of my country
After all, here for the first time I heard the voice of the mother.
I will never forget you
And I will forever be grateful:
For rustling leaves in silence,
For the singing of birds in the spring.
Happy Republic day

Today is the day of a great country, the Republic Day of India. And on this bright day, we all want to be proud that we are Indians. May every person feel free, happy, necessary and respected. Let no wars, natural disasters, economic crises concern us. I wish you all prosperity, well-being, prosperity. Happy holiday to all of us!

Happy Republic Day! The greatness and power of our country evokes awe and respect. Let in the soul of every citizen there will be a place for the love of their Homeland. May the fortitude of the ancestors bring development and well-being, give strength for great achievements and faith in a beautiful future. May the generosity of the Russian land bring prosperity and comfort, peace and harmony in every home! I wish you happiness and prosperity!

Today is a holiday for our great and indestructible Motherland, and I would like to wish all its inhabitants to always be proud of their country, to commit acts that contribute to its prosperity, not to forget their traditions and culture and be happy while living in India!Happy Republic Day

Beloved girlfriend, I congratulate you on a great holiday for our republic. I want to wish you to always remember that region where you were born and grew up. Here we met and found friendship, which has long been tested over the years. I wish you always be loved and loved. Happy holiday.

Republic day we celebrate now. In an independent country live from now on me, you. This is all of a sudden our freedom from our people. I want to congratulate you on an independent country, to wish a holiday with friends. Extra weekend.Hapyy Republic day.

Let the weather be wonderful on both sides of the window, the emotional spring pleases, the sun of inner freedom shines! Happy Repubic day

Congratulations on living
in an independent country.
This holiday is so good,
What gave you freedom.
Free to think, to choose,
If in your right mind,
For whom to vote,
To live in a happy country!
Happy republic day

Teacher! We must congratulate you,
And thank you from the heart to say!
On Republic Day – the holiday of the whole country
Good, health, happiness wish!
Happy republic day

Today we celebrate Republic day of India,
May our Motherland be strong!
Let them live under a blue peaceful sky.
and I Love my country
We dedicate simple words to her,
Today every song is ready to sing,
No wonder about India a lot of
Proverbs, songs, fairy tales and poems
Happy republic day

Like an eagle, India will soar.
Happiness – up all fly and curl.
Loyalty, honesty, courage, strength –
Yes, India is a big bird.
Let her flight be good
Under the cover of heaven and God.
Let her flight be awake
Above the wheat cushion of the stack.
Jai Hind ! Happy Republic Day

Happy Republic day India,
I wish you congratulations, I wish
to be a patriot, I
love the White Birches!
So that the
Quality Mark and your success climb the stairs ,
Happiness smiled more often –
A healthy laugh is needed in the country!

India is strong from the century by its people,
And it cannot be judged by the princes,
Experienced both hunger and adversity,
And one goal – to conquer the Peace!
India is one powerfull country in the world
People are celebrating the birth of the nation,
All the same here is a “powerful, dashing tribe”,
And our happiness and truth will come to our home!
mera bharat mahan , jai Hind !

In a head a peal, in a pocket a hole, but all you are independent, the brother! On Our Republic day open a bottle today, everyone is happy! From bottom of the Heart Let s Celebrate it ,Happy Republic day .

Happy Republic day ,Happiness , hugs,Love continuous, round the clock, year-round and year-round!

Let’s sip the glasses for our independence. Well, how not to drink here, realizing that nothing around you depends on you! Happy Republic day

Let the weather be wonderful on both sides of the window, the emotional spring pleases, the sun of inner freedom shines! Republic Day

Our Country has gone through several stages of spiritual renewal, recreating the patriotism, traditions and spirituality of our people. I would like this holiday to add inspiration and confidence in our future to all of us. I wish you peace and harmony in your families, good health, happiness and well-being. Happy Republic day

On the occasion of the Republic day of India , i wish you good health, great family happiness, peace, understanding, prosperity and love. May every day of your life be filled with joy, warmth and love, and your good deeds multiply the glory of the Motherland!

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