Best Internet Browsers which is better than Google chrome

What is the least ram-eating browser that must be used in 2021? We’ve narrowed down the options by gathering the browsers that use the least ram for you in a list.

Computer users may need a browser that eats the least ram from time to time . One of the reasons why users want a light and fast web browser that does not tire the processor is that large, excessively resource-consuming browsers have the potential to cause freezing (stuttering) and similar problems on the computer.

When we come to 2021, we see that many web browsers, without saying small, simple, now have cross-platform support. If you are looking for a simple web browser, let’s say that you no longer need to search for a web browser by Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and similar operating systems.

Well, which names are included in the list of browsers that are very successful in being the browser that does not tire the processor, although it is not well known by the users? In order not to leave this question unanswered, you can find the most suitable web browser for you from the list we have prepared.

Least Ram Eating Browser Recommendations

If you’re looking for browser recommendations for low-end systems, we’ve got them all in one list for you. You can examine the features of the browsers that consume the least ram in this list and decide which browser is right for you.

1. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a free web browser where those who pass by Chrome and Firefox can breathe easily. This browser is based on Chromium and was developed by a team led by the former CEO of Opera.

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It should be said that Vivaldi is a browser for users who want to decide for themselves how much memory the browser will consume. Although the application has been developed in a simple and low memory consuming way, your activities in the browser can sometimes lead to RAM consumption, although not excessively.

You can open the browser’s task manager by going to “Tools > Task Manager” and see the most resource consuming applications. You can end the applications that consume the most resources in the task manager.

The operating systems that Vivaldi supports are limited to Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 7 and higher, and Android. It supports many languages ​​including Turkish. Although the browser is based on the same foundation as Google Chrome, interestingly it has some features that can make it stand out from the available options.

Vivaldi Features

  • Since Vivaldi and Chrome are based on the same foundation, extensions from Chrome’s web store can also be used in Vivaldi.
  • Those who are not comfortable using horizontal tabs can view the tabs in the browser vertically.
  • Unfriendly ads can be blocked.
  • Cookies that websites use to track users can be avoided.
  • Any of the various themes can be used.

2. Opera

Opera is another browser that has been working on features that will make it more user-friendly over the past few years to best serve Windows 10 users. This browser is a web browser that you can use instead of a high memory consuming browser like Google Chrome.

One of the best things about this browser is that no matter how many extensions you install, it doesn’t tire your computer like other popular browsers. Opera, known as the browser that eats the least ram , allows its user to save memory. The browser does not affect the memory too much, allowing your computer to gain noticeable speed.

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3. Brave

If the purpose of switching to a new browser is to use the least ram- consuming browser, and if they want to use a browser that will keep themselves safe, the browser that should be examined is none other than Brave. You can download Brave to your device if you are using any of the iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Brave not only provides users with a 3x faster browsing experience than Google Chrome, but also keeps user security at a high level. The advantages of the privacy shield that the browser offers to users are:

  • It blocks trackers and keeps you anonymous on the internet.
  • It blocks sites that try to use the computer for purposes such as cryptocurrency mining.
  • Insecure connections are always a secondary choice. Browser tends to establish secure connection by default.
  • It prevents the sites from tracking the user’s activities outside the site through cookies.
  • Blocks harmful, unfriendly ads.

4. Pure Browser

Pure Browser is known as the first stop for users looking for a light, fast, small, small and simple web browser for Android. This browser manages to become one of the indispensable web browsers of most Android users with its extremely simple design and some important features it offers to users.

Pure Browser Features

  • It is low in size. This puts it high on his list of least ram-eating browser recommendations.
  • It has an ad blocker.
  • A video watched via the browser can be downloaded.
  • Like many browsers, it has features such as taking screenshots, finding on the page, bookmarks, translating the page to another language.
  • It has night mode. Users can get rid of the light problem at night.
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5. Via Browser

If you are looking for the lightest and fastest browser of 2021 as an Android user, another browser you can go after Pure Browser is Via. With this browser, you are less likely to encounter problems such as phone freezing while browsing websites.

Via Browser Features

  • It is small in size.
  • It loads websites fast.
  • It has an ad blocker.
  • It allows you to customize your homepage as you wish.
  • With its privacy mode, it prevents websites from tracking you.
  • It has night mode.
  • It has options available in every browser, such as adjusting the font and translating the page to another language.
  • Although it is the least ram-eating browser , it offers users plenty of add-ons and these add-ons consume very little ram.

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