Best sms or Greetings of love on Valentine’s Day


Valentine poems, gentle and touching pictures with a declaration of love and wishes of happiness, chocolate hearts — all this is something without which it is impossible to imagine Valentine’s Day! Send a beloved postcard with words of love, share verses with your girlfriend or just hang up on your page in FB a funny picture for Valentine’s Day – choose you!

February 14 – a very ancient holiday, mention of it can be found in the history of ancient Rome. On this holiday, the girls wrote their names on parchment and mixed sheets of paper in a common basket. The guys took turns dragging notes, thus choosing a companion for the upcoming year.

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Valentine s day sms or Greetings

On Valentine’s Day
Let the dreams come true.
Love will not let pass,
And in my heart flowers bloom!


May this happy holiday
Bring news of the beautiful,
Become a little fairy tale,
Where everything is joyful and clear!


I give the whole world to you, and I say: “I love, I love, I love!”


Give me your hand, say a word to me … You are my anxiety and reward! I would live my life with you at least once, And I swear I don’t need anymore!


Beloved, dear, dear, I feel very good with you. Kisses, tight hugs And Happy Valentine’s Day.


On Valentine’s Day
I give you a heart.
That it loved you,
That brought a ringlet.
Let love come to you,
Let it settle down forever.
Never let it fade …
And now, cover your eyelids.
What conceived – happen.
What presented – will come.
On this day, everything can come true!
Believe, love is coming!


Strongly I love you,
Half you are mine!
On Valentine’s Day
Congratulations from me:
May your fire always
light Glow your eyes


Husband is the only, beloved,
Close to the heart, sweet to the heart,
I love you with my soul,
My precious, dear!


On Valentine’s Day,
you believe that you are loved.
As you will believe, everything will happen:
The forest bird will sing, Your
heart will start to stir
and Your soul will wake up
Shines, shines,
Screams and sobs.
Repeating again and again:
How beautiful you are, Love!


Happy Valentine’s Day congratulations!
Let the smile illuminate the faces
And the sadness of the heart does not fall,
Happiness and love, we wish you!
We are all in love in life:
In husband, son, daughter, or father’s father,
And there is no end to charming feelings,
When near there is a dear neighbor!
Let us take care of the faithful feelings,
Happiness is a gift from God –
Even if the road is not easy!
Do not let love be neglected!



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