Boeing Introduces Autonomous Fighter Aircraft


Boeing , one of the world’s largest civil and military aircraft manufacturers , introduced the concept of unmanned fighter aircraft. Designed to minimize human error, the aircraft will be in the sky in 2020.

Boeing’s partnership with Australia, Airpower Teaming System ‘s autonomous fighter aircraft, will help reduce some of the risks arising from war conditions.

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Australia’s II. Airpower Teaming System, the first domestic warplane since World War II, will offer 3 thousand 704 km range. The autonomous fighter aircraft will fly for much longer than normal fighter planes and will be able to withstand the higher force g.


11.7 meters long unmanned fighter aircraft , intelligence, surveillance and exploration was designed to do. It can also provide intelligence to support autonomous or manned aircraft while maintaining safe distance between other aircraft.

Boeing did not explain the cost of the project; however, he said, the autonomous jet would be cheaper than a manned fighter. Boeing plans to make the largest investment in unmanned systems outside the US into this project and plans to sell it to countries around the world.

Although autonomous systems found more space on land, they gradually began to increase their weight in the sky. In addition to Boeing, aviation companies such as Lockheed Martin and Kratos Defense make significant investments in this area.

Boeing Airpower Teaming System’s autonomous fighter aircraft is expected to be in the sky in 2020 .


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