Deezer’s New App Provides Access to 30 Thousand Radio Stations


Deezer introduced its new app that allows users to access 30,000 radio stations worldwide. Radio by Deezer is currently in beta and is only available in the UK.

With the application, radio stations like BBC Radio, talkSport and Classic FM can be reached to listen to music, live sports and news. Moreover, radio stations outside their ads Radio by Deezer application have no advertising.

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Deezer hopes that the radio application will be used in conjunction with the main broadcast application. While listening to any radio through the application, you can mark a desired song by pressing the ‘like’ button. Thus, the song you like, ‘favorite tracks’ in the application (favorite parts) is added to the library. The application then moves the acclaimed songs into the ‘My Music’ section of the Deezer publication application.

Taking into account iHeartRadio, Pandora, Apple Music and many other radio applications, we cannot say that Deezer is the first application that gives access to radio stations . However, the Radio by Deezer application seems to have one of the broadest options for radio stations, and it is a good idea to combine it with a paid or advertised broadcast application.


Radio by Deezer is a free application that does not require a subscription. However, as already mentioned, the app only has a beta version on Android , and is currently only available in the UK.


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