Donald Trump’s Social Media Platform ‘Truth Social’ Is Launched

Former US President Donald Trump's social media platform 'Truth Social', which has been on the agenda for a while, has been put into service for iOS devices.

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Donald Trump , who served as the President of the USA at the time in 2020, caused riots in the country with the statements he made on his social media accounts after losing the elections. After the riots began, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook  banned the Donald Trump . After the events, Trump announced that he would establish his own platform by boycotting social media platforms. 

Donald Trump’s use of social media, which is seen as the beginning of the post-election events in the USA, had a great impact for that period. While the Facebook group and Twitter ban Trump with various embargoes, the former president is still excluded from social media platforms. 

‘Truth Social’ Launched on iOS Devices

After these events, former US President Donald Trump announced that he would establish his own social media platform. Two years later, Trump’s social media platform has become available for iOS devices.

The social media platform called Truth Social can be downloaded by users through the App Store as of now. However, it is not yet clear whether any embargo will be applied to this application by the App Store.

Looking at the details of the application in the App Store, it is seen that the platform is a standard social media platform. The developers state in their statement that free thoughts will be fully supported on the platform. 

Statements about the application were made by Devin Nunes , one of the executives of Donald Trump’s media company TMTG . Nunes ‘will be fully operational by the end of March, at least within the US borders.’  Using his expressions, he expressed that they are hopeful about the platform.

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*Note: Non-Users of USA Such as India,UAE,Ukrine,Russia who want to download the application need to change the region to the USA in the settings.

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