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Erciyes University Started Covid-19 Vaccine Trials on Animals


As in all parts of the world , many institutions are working on a vaccine that can combat new types of coronavirus . According to the written official statement made by Erciyes University , researchers working within the Vaccine Research and Development Center started working on the Covid-19 vaccine.

At which stage is the Covid-19 vaccine available?
Turkey Institutes of Health and Department of the Ministry of Health continues to work in the context of projects supported by Erciyes University Vaccine Research and Development Center, inactivated vaccine based on cell culture and recombinant vaccines is working on two different technologies including.

According to the statement, experiments on cell culture-based inactive vaccine candidates have been conducted on experimental animals since 15 May . In the ongoing process, how the vaccine develops effects on animals will be observed and these effects will be tested. On the other hand , testing with experimental animals is expected to start within the period of June 2020 for the recombinant vaccine .

The tests of both vaccines on experimental animals are planned to be completed within the period of August 2020 . If the tests are successfully completed, the first steps will be taken for manned clinical experiments. The statement did not include any information on when the vaccine would be available.

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