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Facebook’s Renovated Design Opens to Everyone, Test it Now!


Facebook has begun to offer the redesigned desktop website to all its users . The company said the new Facebook it announced plans to roll out in the next few weeks will be the default for anyone using the desktop social media platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first started testing with users outside the company last October after announcing Facebook’s new design in F8 2019 . At the beginning of the year, its redesign was presented to a small percentage of users, and last month the majority of users on Facebook could activate the new interface.

Facebook‘s new desktop interface may seem complicated at first. But the first thing to notice here is that Facebook has significantly simplified navigation with the top bar, which provides easy access to the homepage, marketplace, groups and game pages. You will also find that the company’s signature blue color no longer decorates the upper navigation bar .

How to turn on dark mode on Facebook?
Dark mode, the fashion of social media, is now available on Facebook. You can activate dark mode with a toggle in the drop-down settings menu. Stating that the homepage will load faster and the transitions between the pages will be smoother, Facebook states that the design of the website will be scaled better than different window sizes.

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