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Frightening news came from China: coronavirus mutated


Some scary news came from China, which is considered the center of the disease. According to some leaks that have emerged, the coronavirus has mutated in some places. Here are the details of our news about the mutation of the virus.

The coronavirus, which causes more than 5 million people to be infected worldwide and the number of deaths is gradually increasing, is still at the stage of mutation. These virus types in Europe, Asia and Africa are different from each other. Even though the symptoms are very close, it is still necessary to say that the virus type is not the same. Some information from China shows that the mutation may be more advanced.

Statement on the subject came from China
According to the details that emerged, the incubation period of the virus was extended with the new mutation. We can say that the incubation period, which is 2 weeks under normal conditions , increased by another week. Also, the high fever seen in the past did not occur in this time mutation.

“Some changes in theory may lead to changes in the nature of the virus or how it behaves,” said Keiji Fukuda, professor at the University of Hong Kong. However, many mutations do not cause noticeable changes. ” Thus, it was stated that the mutation may not be permanent.

For the time being, the exact mutation of the virus cannot be predicted. However, we can say that it will change in the future. What kind of mutation will the virus think? You can transfer your predictions to us from the comments section.

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