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GUIDE | Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle – How To Unlock The Katan’ax Weapon

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Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle adds a roguelite mode to the base game, that is, a mode in which death ends your game to bring you back to the main hub, empty-handed and penniless. So, before going on an adventure, of course, you have to prepare for the best or the worst, and what better than a new weapon or a new armor to do this?

How to unlock the Katan’ax weapon in Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle?

To unlock the Katan’ax, you must first and of course go to the DLC area The Virtuous Cycle. To do this, access it from the main menu or enter the reverie by speaking to your sister from the Tower of Fallgrim. Once in the area of ​​the DLC, which is none other than the tower of Fallgrim locked, it is possible to start a game with the character and the weapon of your choice, except for the Katan’ax which is currently grayed out. . A veteran will tend to quickly choose the weapon of his heart to defeat many enemies with it. But never mind !

To unlock the Katan’hache weapon, you will have to perform at least one run with all the basic weapons and unlock instincts from the pillars with them.Start a game with a weapon, identify a pillar, unlock it, and so on with all the basic weapons. In a game of Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle, the player or the hero starts his game with a random instinct, to unlock others, they must be unlocked from pillars scattered in space by exchanging tar or by cleaning the area of ​​all his enemies. Nothing could be simpler therefore, it is unlocked fairly quickly. The Katan’ax in its basic form does not do heavy damage but it consumes very little stamina and is used quickly, so it is very suitable for combos, for characters with high stamina and it also makes it possible to react quickly.

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