Have You heard of these Most Advanced Google Apps?


Google , one of the world’s biggest brands in the artificial intelligence sector , has applications in various categories on the internet and Android platform. The firm, which does not advertise many of these applications, still offers great applications thanks to its artificial intelligence products . In this article, although we do not consider the five applications developed by Google, and probably have not heard before, we share with you.

Note that the following applications that serve different categories are in the testing phase. It is also important to note that Google, which drives world technology, produces many of these applications to test users.

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Google Live Transcribe (Android): [ CLICK HERE TO INSTALL ]
Google Live Transcribe is a life-facilitating accessibility tool for hearing impaired or hard of hearing. This application can automatically convert any conversation to text while the user is talking . Live Transcribe uses Google’s Cloud Speech API, which is fast enough to be used in conversations , so it requires an internet connection.


Squoosh (Web): [ CLICK HERE TO OPEN ]
In Squoosh, a basic photo editing tool, image compression is popular. You can reduce the image size in pixels or reduce the available color palette. At the same time , you can fix the compression file format, quality, channels, and colors of the image when you start compressing.

Password Checkup by Google ( Chrome ): [ CLICK HERE TO ADD ]
With this app, which is an add-on for Google Chrome , you can check whether your accounts are being attacked . The extension tracks your activity on all the websites you visit. You will receive a warning when your username and password are entered, which is a data violation known to Google. In this case, you can change the password with a more secure new password.

Shadow Art (Web): [ CLICK HERE TO OPEN ]
Google took the shadow games you could do with your hands, and turned it into an interactive digital experience. Shadow Art is one of Google’s artificial intelligence experiments and can be used free of charge as a web application. However, to use this service you will need a w eb camera and an internet connection. Create any shape using your hands , Google will digitally present it to you and make it mobile.

Text.App (Chrome): [ CLICK HERE TO ADD ]
Text.App has all the standard features of a text editor and even more. You can open multiple files and make tab transitions between them. You can save files in Google Drive and open them directly from Drive. Developers, the application’s syntax highlighting feature can paste and work on the code.


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