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Heavy Criticism from Facebook Founder to Twitter


Twitter , a tweet that Donald Trump at deceptive content had identified and mess were strained at a time. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg criticized Twitter.

Criticism from Mark Zuckerberg to Twitter
“I only strongly believe that Facebook should not be the judge of everything people say online. In general, private companies should probably not, especially those platform companies should not be in a position to do this , ” said Mark Zuckerberg .

Response to Twitter CEO Mark Zuckerberg . Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a statement:

“This does not make us judgments of truth. Our goal is to connect the points of contradictory statements and show controversial information so that people can judge themselves. It is critical that we are more transparent because people can clearly see the reason for our actions.”

Looks like it would seem complicated. Trump could be social media yesterday in his statement made arrangements to companies or closed said .

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