How do wealthy people view money?


Fabulously rich people think differently than everyone else. The author of the book How rich people think, Steve Sebold carefully studied this issue that How do wealthy people view money? and found 15 main differences in the thinking that wealthy people view the moneybags. Here they are:

1. The rich consider egoism a virtue
. Ordinary people may want to save the whole world or to let other people go ahead, and this does not allow them to get rich. The rich reflect something like this: “I can’t help others unless I first help myself.”

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2. The rich have “effective” thinking.
It is unlikely that you will meet a rich man in line for a lottery ticket (even before he got rich). An ordinary person is waiting for someone else to help him get rich – a lottery, a government, a friend or a spouse. And it remains poor. The rich take concrete actions and spend time on solving specific problems.

3. The rich prefer to obtain specific knowledge, even to the detriment of formal education. The
average person is sure that the path to wealth lies through diplomas and dissertations. The rich earn by selling their specific knowledge, which they gained by doing business.


4. The rich dream of the future.
Rich people spend a lot of time thinking about goals and how to achieve them. Ordinary people are more busy with their past, which is why they often get depressed.

5. The rich think about money logically An
average well-educated person can fall into the trap, thinking about money emotionally or dreaming of a comfortable, peaceful life. A rich person looks at money logically – as a tool that provides certain opportunities and opens certain perspectives.

6. The rich are addicted and follow their hobbies
Oprah Winfrey once said: “You need to follow your desires and do what you love.” Rich people find a way to earn money by doing things that give them pleasure. Ordinary people make money by doing what they absolutely do not want to do.

7. The rich never rest on their laurels.
Ordinary people set the bar for life expectations quite low – to avoid disappointment. The rich expect a lot from life and strive to make their bold dreams come true.

8. The rich try to “be someone.”
Ordinary people, on the contrary, are convinced that they need to “do something” in order to get rich and focus on a quick result. The rich are focused on cultivating themselves and learning from mistakes.

9. The rich are trying to benefit from the money of other people
Ordinary people are confident that you need to make money by multiplying their own money. Rich people can use other people’s money.

10. The rich live more modestly than they can afford
This may seem counterintuitive, but rich people see wealth as an opportunity to spend less than they can afford. An ordinary person often lives beyond their means, getting into debt.

11. The rich teach their children how to get rich
Ordinary people teach their children how to survive, and the rich from an early age teach children to divide the world into the haves and the have-nots.

12. The rich do not allow themselves to worry about money.
Ordinary people are constantly under stress due to lack of money. Rich people find peace in wealth and are not afraid to admit that money can solve most of their problems – and this allows them to earn even more. Ordinary people look at money as an endless struggle and the inevitable evil that they have to endure.

13. The rich would rather spend time on education than on entertainment
. Ordinary people are just the opposite. After graduating from schools and institutions, they read novels, leaf through magazines and have fun, instead of continuing to educate themselves.

14. The rich surround themselves with like-minded people.
Ordinary people consider rich to be snobs and usually treat super-rich with dislike. The rich avoid socializing with gloomy and hating personalities – which is why they seem like even bigger snobs.

15. The rich are focused on making profit.
Ordinary people try to save money and miss great opportunities. The rich see the whole picture – and find opportunities to earn big money.


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