How to and Reasons for Refusing Adsense Applications


Google AdSense is one of the leading options for making money from your blogs or YouTube channels, but it’s not that easy to have a positive result. If you’re complaining about the constant refusal of your AdSense applications, you might be neglecting one of the following.

You won’t be able to accept your AdSense submissions for one week with blogs or YouTube channels . Google may think that newly opened blogs or YouTube channels are often inadequate and may not review your application. The content of your newly opened YouTube channels or blogs is not enough for Google . You must confront Google with the content you submit with your original style in order to confirm your application.

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Returning your ads to other ads and advertising your blog is a reason for not accepting your Google AdSense application. You may think this is a good way to make money, but your blog is nothing but a dump for both users and AdSense . After you ‘ve escaped intense ads from your blog, submit your Google AdSense application.

Another possibility is to include inappropriate content on your channel or blog. Adult content , content that is unlawful to copyright law, content related to hacking, content that is related to drugs and drugs, are sufficient reasons to reject your AdSense application.


The most important thing to consider during the application of Adsense is that you do not apply again and again upon rejection. Considering the above factors, you should reconsider your channel or blog and leave no reason why Google should deny you.

You can also apply for your own account by clicking on the Google Adsense link.


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