How to Become a Software Developer in this new Generation ?


In today become one of the most important professions that you’re curious about, what do I need to be a programmer questions like will try to answer in this article. We will talk about the important steps you need to take to become a software developer .

First of all, let’s say what we all know before, and what our valued teachers often say in schools; Do your favorite job . Why am I saying that? There’s something we often come across. We see a news title on the Internet; “the most money-making professions”. In this news, the developers are shown as the richest people in the world, and the grocery store owner Mehmet Uncle, who is playing the game on Facebook , also explores how to be a software developer in the shortest possible way. In short, for your beloved, making money is not your first priority. There will also be young friends who will read this article. We’re gonna try to give them important information, so let’s get started.

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What is a Developer? Who is called?
We’re talking about software, let’s explain it briefly. We call software developers who produce software that provides solutions to digital and physical problems. It is the job of the software developers to produce software that makes certain tasks for electronic devices and to solve the problems easily.


Is it necessary to read the university to become a software developer?
One of the most asked questions by those who are interested in becoming a software developer is “need to be a university graduate?” is happening. If you read the section, reading the university allows your horizons to expand and is important for your personal development. It is of course possible to be a software developer with online courses, and it is possible to do very successful works in the software sector even without the university graduates with the resources on the internet. If you do not take a step to develop yourself in the department of software in the university, you have a diploma stating that you have just graduated from that department. I’m reading the section already said that you can not be very successful if you do not develop yourself. The software industry evolves every year and the current programming languages ​​change. In the future, you will need to practice and learn the programming languages ​​that will help you in the future. Software development is also a research art.

We said it is not necessary to study universities to become a software developer. But this is the case; You cannot be a software engineer by learning from the internet. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find out about the information and experience that is taught at the university on your own. The university will expand your horizons and ensure you have a beautiful diploma. Unfortunately, no matter how talented their workplaces in Turkey diploma can not find work (except for a few companies).

Is Mathematics a Must for Software?
In the educational system in our country, the departments related to software are classified in MF, mathematics and science fields. We cannot say that it is wrong, the software itself is mathematics and logic. Often there are those who think it cannot be a software developer because it is very bad. I would like to give you information that might lead you out of this misconception. Four processes in mathematics are enough to be a software developer. Software developers do not solve math problems from morning until evening. So this is more about the project you are working on.

You may also need to have information about different fields of science in different projects. For example; you work in a company that develops a game with realistic physics; The team that will develop the physics engine must have a considerable level of mathematics and physics as you can imagine. The UI / UX interface designer is the person who prepares the interface of the game, and the person who performs the click functions of the interface is called back-end. We can say that this designer and back-end programmer can do his job properly even though he doesn’t have much knowledge of mathematics.

Where to start?

Where should I start with software? For example, starting from learning coding. you can go for UDEMY courses .


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