How to Buy a Laptop in 2019


Laptops today have an important place in the lives of many people. The biggest plus portability with laptop computers , your business can pretty much easier by providing powerful performance desktop computers today. If you ‘re going to buy a new laptop , you naturally want to get the fastest and the highest quality. Perhaps you are wondering about the features that should be considered for the first time you will buy a laptop . In this article, we will talk about the things you should be aware of when buying a laptop and the details that are often overlooked. Here are some important features to consider when buying a laptop :

1.) Web Camera Location

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At first glance it may look like an unnecessary feature; but if you buy a new laptop it is important to know where the webcam is positioned. Usually we are used to seeing webcams at the top of the screen frame, some laptop manufacturers; it is able to position the keyboard in strange places such as the keyboard to make it thinner. If making new video calls with your webcam is one of your top priorities, the location of the camera on your laptop is very important for you. Cameras placed on top for you will be more useful.


2.) Type of Charge Input

Nowadays, most of the newly manufactured laptops use the USB Type-C connection, and you can see that this type of connection is used in the new smartphones. Especially if your mobile phone’s charging input is also USB Type-C, you can use the same charging cable on your laptop and it will make it easier for you to carry extra cables. In addition, the USB Type-C input is a standard connection type, so you won’t have to look for a charging cable according to your laptop model.

3.) Compatible with Thunderbolt 3?

In the previous article we mentioned the importance of USB Type-C input. If the laptop you receive has a USB Type-C input, there is something else you should pay attention to; it also has the Thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop. If you plan to view the screenshot of your new laptop on larger screens with 4K monitors or television, you should also pay attention to this. With the Thunderbolt 3 , it is possible to transfer images to monitors with very high bandwidth and high image quality. And with Thunderbolt 3, you can transfer data at high speeds between your laptop and portable storage devices.

4.) Storage Harddisk or SSD?
The type of storage that hosts the operating system on our laptop and where we will install our applications is one of the most important factors. In case the SSD of the primary storage unit of your new laptop is SSD, the opening speed of your computer and the opening speed of all other applications will be accelerated. The SSDs do not have a mechanical part for reading and writing data. Thanks to the flash memory, they respond faster than hard drives and have faster read / write speeds.

5.) Importance of RAM Type
If you ask who to buy when buying a new laptop, they usually recommend the computer with the maximum amount of RAM. You should look at the type of RAM before the excess amount of RAM. In fact, you don’t have much choice. You have to choose between laptops with DDR3 and DDR4 RAM type. The current RAM type is DDR4. It is more efficient than DDR3 by providing high data transfer with lower power consumption.

6.) Is the Video Card Built-In External?
We came to the most loved track; display card! If you plan to play games with your new laptop, you should not prefer laptops with an integrated graphics card. Notebooks with an external graphics card are for you. Graphics cards in computers are not used for gaming purposes only. For example , you’ve done the editing of videos for Youtube and Adobe Premiere Pro and you will receive render. If your laptop has a powerful graphics card, it can handle it in a short time. We cannot say that the internal graphics card laptops are very successful in these matters. If you are planning to design graphics, 3d modeling, video editing and games on your new laptop, you should choose a computer with an external display card.

7.) The Importance of Screen Brightness
To reduce the production costs of laptop manufacturers, “shaved” parts of the screens from the beginning, the brightness levels are important for some users. Since laptops are portable, they can be easily used in travel, work, cafe, parks or even in gardens. If you are going to use your laptop outdoors, you should prefer laptops that can provide at least 300-nit brightness.

8.) Fanless Cooling Not Suitable for Each User
Laptop manufacturers have begun to produce fanless cooling solutions to produce even more slim and stylish looking laptops. The cooling of the notebook can be achieved with copper pipes without using a fan. If you are planning to do heavy work with your laptop, if you’re a player, you’re going to edit a video and you’re planning to do things that put a strain on this kind of system; fanless computers may experience warming problems, so we do not recommend for you. If you don’t use your laptop for heavy jobs, it’s a good solution for you to have a computer without a computer, and it’s quiet.

9.) Touch Pad and Windows Fit

One of the features offered by Microsoft with Windows 10 was the ability to make multitasking with the touchpad. Thanks to this feature, the touch pad of the new laptop will be compatible with Windows 10, so the multitasking features offered by Windows are fully functional.

10.) Illuminated Keyboard
Mostly on the player’s laptops, we see colorful illuminated keyboards. It doesn’t need to be so exaggerated as to be colorful; but the fact that we have backlighting to use the keyboard in the dark has become an important requirement for many of us. If inspiration comes in the dark just for you to write your article, we can say that laptops with an illuminated keyboard make it easy to write.

11.) The Importance of Processor Type and Processor Codes
The new processor will be the most important parts of the laptop. After selecting the processor as i3, i5, or i7, the processor code that specifies which generation is most important is very important. The first digit of the processor code refers to the generation, the most recent series is the 8th generation. At the end of the processor code of the Intel processors, a letter is specified. Their meanings are as follows:

U : Very low power consumption. Processors with the lowest power consumption to extend battery performance.
Y : Low power consumption. This letter code is usually found in processors used in older generation laptops.
Q : Quad core. This letter indicates that there are four physical processor cores in the processor.
H : High performance graphics. This letter indicates that the internal graphics card in the processor is at its best.
G : External graphics card processor. This comes with a separate graphics card along with the processors with the letter code. These processors are very rare.
K: Unlocked processor. Processors where overclocking is available and performance can be increased by overclocking. Usually used on desktop processors.


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