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How to buy a Smart tv in 2022

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Technology is developing day by day, this development expands the product range. For example, televisions; There are many brands of televisions on the market. This diversity makes it difficult for television buyers. In this content, we have listed the things that television buyers should pay attention to in 2022 .

Does it have HDR ?

Our first recommendation to our followers who want to buy a new TV is to have a 4K HDR TV . If you were to ask what is HDR; HDR is the most accurate range between the brightest and darkest points of an image. This range aims to achieve the truest colors and depth that the human eye has ever seen.

4K TVs, on the other hand, have four times as many pixels as traditional Full HD (1920 x 1080) TVs. Even on TV screens of the same size, 4K TV picture quality is sharper and more detailed thanks to the larger pixel density.

Does it have HDMI 2.1 option ?

HDMI 2.1 provides higher video resolution. If you’re playing a PlayStation or Xbox at home, HDMI 2.1 delivers fluid and smooth gameplay in 4K games at high resolution without lag.

Is it LCD or OLED ?

Most of the devices with any type of display for the last 15 to 20 years have been working with liquid crystal display or LCD technology. However , if you want high image quality , you need to buy a TV with an OLED screen. OLED emits images much better than other displays in terms of the image quality offered. In terms of energy consumption, it uses less energy than other screens.

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