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How to Change iPhone Location, Show Fake GPS Location?


“How to change location on iPhone?” “How is iPhone GPS position switching done?”, “How to show iPhone fake GPS position?” It is one of the questions that iPhone users ask the most and search for the answer. You can usually change location on iPhone, show fake location on iPhone, check in another country, hide friend location, fake gps in AR games such as Pokemon Go, etc. is needed for. Changing location for iPhone is not as difficult as expected. All you need is the iOS location replacement program (iPhone fake GPS app). In this blog post, how to change location on iPhone and iPad with one click, how to make fake gps on iPhone? We are telling.

What is Change Location on iPhone?
There may be moments when we need to change location on iPhone . You can surprise your followers / friends by posting a fake location on social networking platforms (such as Swarm, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). If someone is constantly following your location, you can hide your real location by showing a fake GPS location. Or, you may need to change the location to match more people in the friend search / dating app. iPhone swapping or showing fake GPS location works for not only apps but also games. For example; To move easily in location based AR games like Pokemon GO, iPhone change location, show fake GPS location . So how to change location on iPhone? How to make / use fake GPS on iPhone?You can think of “It can be easily done with jailbreak” right? Jailbreak eliminates all of Apple’s restrictions and brings security issues with it. For this reason, users are looking for a way to change iOS location without jailbreak . In this blog post, iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer review guest of 2020’s best iPhone location replacement program .

Which is the Best iPhone Location Switching Program?
Why did we choose iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer from all the iOS location changers ? With this program, you can change GPS location to any place you want instantly. You can move at a desired speed on a route you draw on the map and stop at any time. Augmented reality games like Pokemon GO, social platforms etc. Works without delay with location based applications. It works on all iOS versions from iOS 7.0 to iOS 13.4, along with all iPhone and iPad models. We will talk about the prominent features of the program later. Now let’s move on to the use of the program if you wish.

IPhone GPS Location Changing in 3 Steps
iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer allows you to instantly change your GPS location and move along the route you set in three simple steps. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Choose a destination or route. Change your GPS location. Yes, changing location on iPhone is that simple!

iPhone Showing Fake GPS Location

a. Open iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer on your computer and click Get Started.

b. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the Lightning cable. Unlock. “Trust This Computer?” When it appears, tap Trust. Enter your screen password again to complete the process.

c. The program will start loading the map. Once the map is successfully loaded, you can find your location on the map.

a. Select Teleport Mode from the top right corner (third). By sliding the mouse, you can zoom in and out on the map and select a destination (your new location). Or you can search for a destination (location) by entering the address / GPS coordinates in the upper left corner.

a. When you select a destination, the sidebar opens. Destination information including location name, coordinates and distance is displayed. Click Move.

Note: When you restart your iPhone, the location is reset, so you are back to your real location.

This program also allows you to create a virtual route at certain points at a desired speed. You can provide GPS movement between two points or between multiple points. A very useful feature in games like Pokemon GO. So, how is virtual route creation done?

Providing GPS Movement with Two-Spot Mode Special Route
one . Step
If you want to draw a custom route, select the Two-spot Mode in the top right corner (the first one).

a. Set a location on the map as your destination. You can also choose a destination by entering the address or coordinate in the search box. The selected target is added to the sidebar. You can see the name and coordinates of your current location and destination. You can set how many times to move back and forth between two points for the virtual route. You can adjust the movement speed by dragging the speed bar.

b. Finally, you can start to simulate the motion by clicking Move. You can see the change of distance and time as you move.

c. As you move on the map, the GPS on your iPhone moves without delay. When done, Completed! warning appears

Providing GPS Movement with Special Route in Multiple Points (Multi-spot Mode)
one . Step
If you want to create a route at more than one point, select Multi-spot Mode from the top right corner (second).

a. Select the different points you want to reach on the map, one by one. Or enter address / GPS coordinates to set points. Set the number of round trips by entering the number and adjust the speed by dragging the Speed ​​bar. After setting the Times and Speed, you can start the journey by clicking Move.

b. iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer will simulate movement at the speed you set. You can enjoy playing all location-based augmented reality (AR) games without ever leaving your seat. When done, Completed! warning appears.

Note: It is better to choose targets along certain paths to prevent game developers from thinking that you are cheating on location.

Why is iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer the Best iOS Location Exchange Program?
Customized Speed: Complete your route by adjusting your movement speed. With it you can simulate walking, cycling or driving speed.
Stop Any Time: In order to be realistic, you can pause on the route at any time and keep moving.
Set Coordinate: You can select a precise location by entering the coordinate.
History Records: Records the past points you have ever been. You can select these points again as destination or delete them.
You can also access the iMyFone 5th anniversary campaign organized by the software developer team via the link and take advantage of the opportunities that await you.

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