How to Change Your Voice When Talking on the Phone


You have the option of joking your family and friends by changing your voice ; But if you’re not a good copycat to do that, next-generation technologies can handle this problem for you. In the new list we prepared , we talked about how you can change your voice when you are calling someone by phone.

In addition to this, we want to write the list of voice changing applications take shortage of the quality we want to find the application was not exactly. But we didn’t feel well, and after trying a few, we put together the best ones. The following list you can Download it from Google Play store

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1 Call Voice Changer


Call Voice Changer, one of the best working apps, manages to add some sound effects to your conversation. So you can make a rainy conversation and add sounds of animals like horses, donkeys and elephants around you.

The application is actually quite paid. When you download it for the first time, Call Voice Changer offers a small demo version and then starts demanding money like 3,50TL per minute. Therefore, if you use the application continuously, we do not know; but you can also joke enough with the demo version.

2 Funny Call / Minion Prank Call

Funny Call , which is named on Android and iOS , is quite remarkable with this feature. This application, called Funny Call for iOS, is named as Minion Prank Call for Android, even if it is the same applications developed by the same developer for the same purpose. However, the two applications have the same interface to their interface.

This completely free application allows you to use only a portion of the sound effects for free. In order to continue, you are asked to pay a large sum. Nevertheless, they can still see a rigid advertising policy.

3 funcall

FunCall is one of the browsable applications because it has a little more content than its competitors, but because it has more content . We should also say that this application, which is focused on changing voice, is structured on changing your voice rather than sound effects.

But underlining that the user experience on the Google Play Store is not very good, we have to say that our use experience is not good. However, since there are very good comments about the application, it is better to download the decision and give it to you.

4 Voice Changer Calling

Voice Changer Calling , which works to change the sound like other applications, stands out with its simple design. When you enter the application, you will see the numbers and the search key. It is also possible to select one of the sound effects on the right before pressing the dial. The interesting thing is that the calls are made over Wi-Fi. For this reason, you are asking for certain fees for each conversation. If you want to pay fees ranging between 5, 10 and 20 dollars, you can make quite quality interviews.

5 Call Voice Changer Allogagi

There are only three options that you can print on the application that has only one interface: Voice Changer, Background and Effects . Voice Changer lets you change your voice and make it one of the options during a call. In Background you can set the sounds you want to put in the background. So you can pick things from the environment like cars or the sound of a football fan. You can control these in the last option.

To use this application you also have to pay the duration. But the good thing is that when you install the application for the first time, it gives you 1 minute of free speech. So you can try the application and get immediate results.


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