How to convert PDF to Word?


The PDF format is great for non-volatile materials, but very inconvenient if the document needs to be edited. But if you convert it to MS Office format, the problem will be solved automatically.So today I will tell you about the services that can convert PDF to Word online , and about programs that do the same without connecting to the network. And for dessert, there will be a little trick using tools from Google too

The best services to convert PDF to Word online

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Since you are reading this text, then you have an internet connection. And in this situation, PDF to Word online converter will be the easiest and most convenient solution. No need to install anything, just open the service page. Another advantage is that during processing the computer is not loaded at all, you can go about your business.



Official site – . One of the best services for working with PDF, including conversion tasks.


  • Easy
  • instantly works;
  • simple interface;
  • excellent quality results;
  • supports work with Dropbox and Google disk;
  • a lot of additional functions, including transfer to other office formats, etc .;
  • free up to 2 times per hour, more features in the paid Pro version.

Official site – . Combine processing files from one format to another. PDF digests with a bang.


  • many conversion options;
  • batch processing of multiple files;
  • can be used for free;
  • pretty quick.


  • the limit on the size of 50 megabytes (however, this is enough even for books, if there are few pictures), more only on the paid rate;
  • you must enter the mailing address and wait for the result to be sent to it;
  • a lot of advertising on the site, which is why pages can load for a long time.


Official site – . Service with a small selection of conversion options.


  • simple design;
  • loading multiple files;
  • allows you to save documents in Google Docs;
  • can use for free.


  • processes free of charge only 2 pages from a file, with delays, with a queue;
  • if the file has more than two pages, adds the call to buy a paid account;
  • each file must be downloaded separately.

D- PDFOnline
Official site – . The service is simple, but richly “plastered” with advertising. Be careful not to install anything.


  • the desired conversion was initially selected;
  • works fast enough;
  • free.


  • a lot of advertising;
  • processes one file at a time;
  • link to download the result is poorly visible;
  • redirects to another domain for downloading;
  • the result is in RTF format (it can be considered a plus, since it is not tied to the DOCX format).

E-Google Drive [ Best way ]

First : Type in your URL and press enter. Sign in with your Google account. Select a document that you wish to download as a DOCx and open it.

2nd :Go to “File”, next click “Download as” and finally choose “Microsoft word”.

3rd:It should download into your Downloads or it will have an option to save into your desired folder. Find the file in the folders and open up your Doc to make sure it will successfully open.

Comment Down your favorite Online PDF converter websites 🙂


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  1. Micheal says

    Google Drive is the best… Because it will safe a nd secure…

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