How to Create Group Chat on Instagram ?


Instagram provides users with practicality in many aspects, but when it comes to settings; Instagram wants to get a bit out of users’ times. We make an extra effort to reach your search records and to share your favorite shares.

Fortunately, group chat is one of Instagram ‘s practicalities. Of course, this could be a little more practical. We could press and select users, create a chat group from the button at the top right corner or at any available location.

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At the end of this article , you will be able to create group chat in four simple steps and send photos, videos, stories, emojis and plain text to all your friends at the same time.

Instagram ‘in the group chat is now an issue you need to know before you create, the number of users you want to include Instagram group chat does not exceed fifteen people. Instagram allows users to create a group chat of up to fifteen people, and it is not possible for you to climb over fifteen people.


Group Chat Creation Stages in Instagram

  • You must first open the application and go to the messages section.
  • You should click on the “+ inside button in the upper right corner of the Messages section .
  • You must find and select the people you want to find in your group.
  • After selecting these users, you will create the group after you send any text, photo or video.

You can change the name of the chat group you created by entering the i at button at the top right of the chat and clicking on the name of the users you include in the group.


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