How to Download Free copyright Music for Your YouTube Videos


If you use background music from a copyrighted source on YouTube, you should keep in mind that your video will be banned. In this process, you may be required to pay the copyrighted manufacturer. That’s why we have compiled sites that include the top best royalty-free music you can find to use in your videos .

Especially the copyrights that are of great importance in today’s internet world are a problem for many video producers. Using a copyrighted music in your videos for more than 30 seconds can cause you to delete it. Instead, using royalty-free music would be a great advantage for you.

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Although the music on the sites below is completely royalty-free, you may need to include the manufacturer’s resources in your video descriptions.

Thematic (Click here to visit)
This site allows YouTube creators to search for free songs from built-in artists and musicians. You must be registered to use Thematic . After registering you can download music from all categories free of charge.


One of the most beautiful features of Thematic is the music you want to use before you can see which YouTube channels are used and you can watch these videos.

Wowa (Click here to visit)
There are only 20 tracks on WOWA’s website. You can download them for free and free of charge. But the best part of this site is that it comes with a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

The CC0 license allows you to use any work for free, personal or commercial reasons, or to edit it as you see fit. So you can change the music you downloaded from Wowa.

Icons8 Fugue (Click here to Visit)
Icons8 is a well-known resource for free stock icons and photos and now offers great music and sound tracks for free. The music collection is divided into three categories: theme, genre and mood. Each one has subcategories to further elaborate your choices and quickly find what you’re looking for.

TeknoAXE (Click here to Visit)
TeknoAXE has been serving for many years and most of the pieces are electronic dance music, rock and metal. More than 1500 playlists, the site also has a YouTube channel.

CCHound (Click her to visit)
Especially the most beautiful part of the CCHound where music producers meet is created by the producers. Not only are there new tracks available today, but you can also download popular music by using tags and categories.


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