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How to get free UC for PUBG Mobile 2021

A mobile app called UC Earn makes it possible to earn coins just by collecting loot once an hour and convert these coins into PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency UC. Moreover, while doing this, you do not even need to provide your PUBG Mobile game information, except for the username.

PUBG Mobile , the mobile version of PUBG , one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, has many in-game cosmetics so that gamers can customize their character and weapons as they wish. However, the vast majority of these cosmetics can be purchased with UC , an in-game currency that must be purchased with real money .

So, is there a way to earn UC without cheating and without taking any money out of our pocket ? Definitely yes. The application named ‘ Earn UC ‘ published by For App Online makes it possible to convert the coins earned within the application into UCs that you can transfer to your PUBG Mobile account.

How can you earn UC for free in the UC Earn app?

After you install the UC Kazan application on your device and start using it, you can earn 2 coins by collecting the loot that is loaded every hour . However, for a small amount , you can also increase your hourly coin earnings from 2 to 3 , 5 or 7 by upgrading your UC account to ‘ apprentice ‘, ‘ master ‘ or ‘ boss ‘ accounts . Of course, there is no obligation to upgrade the account to earn coins, so UC.

If the hourly 2 coin earnings are low , you can also earn extra gift coins by watching the four ads in the ‘ Watch & Win ‘ section. However, it should be noted that Watch&Win gifts are limited to four ads per day. If you want to earn more extra coins, you can earn gift coins by doing the tasks in the ‘ Quests ‘ section.

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How do we convert the coins we earn in UC Kazan to PUBG Mobile UC?

First of all, let’s mention that your balance must be at least 500 coins to be able to convert coins to UC . When you have enough coins, you can get 33 UC for 500 coins, 60 UC for 700 coins, 70 UC for 1000 coins, and 108 UC for 1500 coins .

After tapping the Request UC button to convert your coins to UC, you can receive your PUBG player name and username safely within 1 day at the latest. There is no doubt that it will take time to accumulate enough coins. However, it is also a fact that collecting loot an hour to earn UC without paying any money is not a very troublesome process.

So is UC Kazan safe?

First of all, you don’t need to use the email address and password you use for your game account when logging into UC Kazan. Therefore, there is no risk of your account being stolen. When converting coins to UC, you only need to provide your player name, so you don’t have to worry about your account information being stolen. 


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