How to hack any game on Android such as PUBG, Subway Surfers , My Talking Tom etc


The whole truth about hacking

In fact, hacking all games is almost impossible. Currently, more than half of the applications undergo modding, but the other way around. Basically the easiest way to hack applications that do not require an Internet connection. For example, Subway Surfers , My Talking Tom and so on. Online games are harder to crack because they require a connection to the server and usually developers quickly find out about cheaters and ban them. But still you came here to understand how to break applications on an Android phone.

Preparing your phone for use

First of all, you must understand that the phone must have ROOT rights. They are needed for the work of various programs that will be listed a little later. Remember once and for all – without the superuser’s rights you will fail.

Best Android Hacking software tools

  1. LuckyPatcher – the famous application, which is not just rescued ordinary players. If you want to remove ads, collect a separate APK file or rummage through the game data. So this program will suit you. But she is unlikely to hack any game for money or immortality. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  2. GameGuardian is a more serious application that can hack games into various resources that have numerical values. The essence of the program is as follows. You spend money on something. Then, using the program, look for the number of the balance of money and change it to any value. But again – this program will not be able to give you some kind of acceleration or huge jumps. Although you can try. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  3. Freedom – this program also hacks for money, but in a more interesting way. You do not need to look for any values. Suffice it to try to make a purchase in the store inside the game. We all know that today there are a lot of applications in which there is a donate. This program will help you get what is sold for free. She just make a fake purchase. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  4. GameKiller – the absolute equivalent of GameGuardian. Nothing new. You can only hack into coins and other currencies. Unlike the first, this program works with almost all known applications. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  5. Cheat Engine – the famous tool that appeared a long time ago on computers. its purpose is to replace any numeric values ​​with those you want. With this application you can get a huge amount of money, coins or diamonds. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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