How to Play PUBG Game on pc and Get Reward for every Gameplay


Become the last survivor of the main royal battle

Finally, the hottest hit of recent years, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds got to mobile devices, which means you can run the real PUBG Mobile on your PC[ personal computer ] via BlueStacks today for free and enjoy the real Battle Royale completely free. You and 99 more players – every man for himself in a fierce battle of survival. All players land on the battlefield without weapons and equipment, and fight only with what they can find — the most skilled, not the most pumped player, wins. PUBG Mobile accommodates everything for which millions of players around the world love the “big” computer version of the game, and it works even better than the original: a beautiful realistic picture, excellent physics and no lags, especially when playing through BlueStacks. Are you ready to fight for your life and survive in the most important royal battle? Launch PUBG Mobile and work your way to victory through hundreds of opponents!

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Why play PubG Mobile on Bluestacks?

Control keys
best way to control throw keyboard keys


Multi Mode
Play from multimple accounts simultaneously in multi mode
Earn BlueStacks Points
Play PubgMobile. Eran Blue Stacks Points. Get Rewards!

How to play PubG Mobile on PC

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The only drawback of PUBG Mobile relative to the original game is that it has to be played on a mobile gadget, which significantly reduces mobility, limits visibility and increases the risk of accidentally pressing an unnecessary key. But this flaw is very easy to fix – just play PUBG Mobile on your computer! To do this, you only need to download Blue Stacks for Windows and Mac directly from this page and install the game.Most of Pc have in build graphics card apart from that Excellent graphics on the big screen allows you to see the enemy from afar, and convenient control using the keyboard and mouse allows you to aim more accurately and eliminates the possibility of random error. PUBG Mobile does not slow down and crashes on PC and Mac, and you can fully concentrate on the game – do not lose the first place because of a dead battery or an unexpected call, play via BlueStacks on your computer.

Get famous as a top player in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is leading in the number of streams and spectators on Twitch – thousands of broadcasts are held every day and hundreds of thousands of players watch the game simultaneously. You can rise on the wave of popularity and one of the first to conduct your stream of PUBG Mobile through Twitch – show everyone how you really need to play PUBG! With BlueStacks you can easily start your stream at any time of the game and share your impressions, show your skill and just chat during the game through Twitch. Try and become the most popular PUBG Mobile streamer right now!


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