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How to Recover a Deleted YouTube Videos

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YouTube is a multi-purpose video hosting service for information and entertainment. Anyone can create a channel on YouTube, anyone can upload a video to their channel. Sometimes you may lose these videos that you have uploaded to your YouTube channel due to some misfortune, but there is no need to worry because it is possible to recover deleted videos from YouTube .

In this article, we shared with you the different ways and methods to recover deleted YouTube videos and informed you what you can do if the videos you uploaded to your YouTube channel are deleted. Here are the Best 4 ways to recover deleted YouTube videos !

What Can Be Done to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos?

Your YouTube videos can be very important to you. When your YouTube videos are deleted, you need to know how to restore your videos, that is , what you can do to recover deleted YouTube videos . If your videos on your YouTube channel are deleted, you can use the following methods.

1. Video Backups

If your video on your YouTube channel is deleted, first check the video backups. Video backups have a very important role in recovering deleted videos from your YouTube channel. Open YouTube’s video backup section, find your deleted YouTube video. This method will not help you if video backups are not enabled, in which case you can check other methods.

2. WayBack Machine

If you cannot recover deleted videos from your YouTube channel with video backups, you can try to recover them with WayBack Machine . WayBack Machine is a digital archive of all sites on the Internet. There is a very high probability that your YouTube video will appear as an archive there. You can recover your video using WayBack Machine .

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You can follow the mentioned steps to recover deleted YouTube videos using WayBack Machine :

  • Open and paste the URL of your YouTube video into the box.
  • WayBack Machine will allow you to view the video found at that time by pasting the URL of your YouTube video into the box.

3. Contacting Support Team

What can be done without using any software to recover your deleted video from your YouTube channel is to contact the support team. You can contact YouTube’s support team and ask them to recover your video. For this you need to send an email to the support team. Official Link to Contact the youtubeTeam : Click here or Join the Community : Click here to visit

4. Recover Deleted Videos from Device

If you have tried the above methods to recover deleted videos from YouTube channel and no results, you may want to use the method of recovering deleted videos from device. To use this method, you must still own the device on which you created the YouTube video. You can use a data recovery software to recover deleted video from your device as well .

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