How to Remove or Unlock any iPhone Screen Lock Password or Face Id


IPhone’s password (the passcode) I forgot, how do I reset it? “” I forgot the password iPhone, what should I do? “” IPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes “This is our blog post you need to do if you forget the password for the iPhone will talk about as well. password reset iPhone , iPhone remove the password , the password iPhone – in a sense – we show step by step that how to remove or unlock iphone screen Lock. Popular iPhone lock removal program dr. fone – Unlock ( iOS ) is also included in our review.

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Whether you use the iPhone of years before, or use iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID, Apple‘s default security option is set to passcode. If your iPhone does not recognize your fingerprint, does not detect your face or restart, you will continue to use your password and continue using it. You can set the iPhone’s power-on password according to your request. You can either choose a simple 4-digit password or a very strong password, both digits and letters. Although the recommended strong password is, very few users choose the 4-digit simple password. Because it is easy to remember, you can forget this simple password even in the event of an emergency, panic, and fuss. So what should you do if you forget your iPhone password? How to deactivate iPhone password? How to change iPhone password Here’s what you need to do if you forgot your iPhone password:

iPhone Screen Lock or Unlock (with iOS Unlock Tool)
If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer ,  no problem ,yes you can unlock it with iTunes also and the only way to remove the iPhone boot password is if you do not have access to iCloud ; Using iPhone lock removal programs. One of the most popular of iPhone unlocking tools is the reliable and useful one; d. fone – Unlock (iOS) . Can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so all iOS devices are working. Also fully compatible with the latest iOS version.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE IPHONE [ dr.fone – Recover (iPhone Data Recovery) ]

  • You have to open the dr.fone program and click ”Unlock”.
  • You connect your iPhone to your computer with the Lightning cable and click Start on the next screen.
  • The new window shows how to get your iPhone in dr.fone mode. You switch to ”Start ” with Dr.Fone mode.
  • In the next step, dr. fone software detects the model and software of your iPhone. (If you see the wrong information, you can select it manually.) Clicking Download starts to download the latest software for your iPhone. (If you have already downloaded the latest version of iOS for your device, this window will immediately display a file with the “Select” option at the bottom.

  • When the software file is downloaded, dr.fone asks for your confirmation to delete the password for your iPhone. Click Unlock Now ”and you will see a warning that the data on your iPhone will be deleted.
  • After a few minutes of waiting, a message appears showing that the lock screen is completely removed.

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