How to rich people thinking and which you can master today


Rich people believe that poverty is the root of all evil+

until average people count money root of all evil.
According to Sibold, in the low-income social groups, the concept of “becoming rich” causes a kind of a shame.
He writes that: “Ordinary people are brainwashed – they believe that rich people are either lucky or deceivers. But world-class people know that while money does not guarantee happiness, it makes life easier and more enjoyable. ”

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Rich people consider selfishness good quality.
… while ordinary people consider egoism a sin.
The problem is that middle class people see something negative in it – and this keeps them in poverty.
Sebold writes: “Rich people try and try to make themselves happy. They do not pretend that they can save the world. If you do not care about yourself, you are not able to help anyone at all. You cannot give what you do not have. ”

Rich people are prone to action
… while ordinary people tend to wait until they all fall from the sky.
Sebold believes that while the masses are waiting for the moment when they win the lottery and pray for prosperity, great people solve problems.
He writes: “The average person is waiting for something from God, the government, his boss or spouse. This average type of thinking gives rise to this approach to life while the clock is running. ”
Rich people believe in the importance of specific skills.
… while average people believe that the road to wealth is provided by formal education.
“Many representatives of world class have ordinary secondary education, and have accumulated their wealth by acquiring and subsequently selling special knowledge,” writes Sebold.
“At this time, the masses are convinced that the master’s and doctoral degrees lead to wealth, mostly because they are trapped in linear thinking, which prevents them from reaching higher levels of consciousness … The rich are not interested in money, only the ultimate goal.”


Rich people dream of the future
… while ordinary people dream of the good old days.
“People who believe that their best days are over are rarely rich, and often suffer from depression and unhappiness,” writes Sebold.
“Millionaires who have made themselves have achieved wealth because they are not afraid to rely on themselves and project their dreams, goals and ideas into an unknown future.”

Rich people think about money logically
… while ordinary people see money through the prism of emotions.
“With a good mind, good education and in other aspects, a successful person can easily transform into a fearful, driven by a sense of lack of a thinker, whose greatest financial desire is the desire to comfortably retire,” says Sebold.
“The world class sees money as it is, through the eyes of logic. Great people know that money is only a tool that provides opportunities and freedom of choice. ”

Rich people follow their passion
… while average people make money by doing something they don’t like.
“It seems to average people that rich people work all the time,” Seabold says. “But one of the best strategies of rich people is to do what they love and find a way to make money from it.”
On the other hand, representatives of the middle class agree to work that they don’t like because they need money, and they have been trained in school and are driven by society to live in the world of linear thinking, in which making money is equal to physical or mental effort.
Rich people are ready for the challenges
… while average people set low expectations for themselves, never to be disappointed.
“Psychologists and other experts in this field often advise people to lower expectations from their lives in order to protect themselves from disappointments,” writes Sebold.
But he believes that no one will achieve wealth and realize their dreams without great expectations.

Rich people use other people’s money
… while ordinary people are confident that they need money to make money.
Sebold says that rich people are not afraid to venture to finance their future from other people’s pockets.
“Rich people know that being insufficiently solvent to afford something is not so important. The main question is whether this “something” is worth buying, investing and wanting in principle? ”He writes.
Rich people know that markets are driven by emotion and greed.
… while ordinary people are confident that their engines are logic and thoughtfulness.
“The rich know that the primary emotions that drive markets are greed and fear, and they take this into account in all trades and trends that they follow,” Sibold said. “This knowledge of human nature and its parallel influence on trade gives them a strategic advantage in increasing their wealth.”

Rich people teach their children to achieve wealth
… while average people teach their children to survive.
“Rich parents from an early age teach their children that the world is divided into the haves and the have-nots,” says Sebold.
Although many people accuse him of supporting the ideas of elitism, he disagrees.
“People say that such parents teach their children to look down on others because they are poor. It is not true. What they really teach their children is to see the objective reality of our world — society as it is. ”

Rich people find peace in wealth
… as long as ordinary people allow money to torment themselves.
Siebold believes that the reason why rich people make more money is that they are not afraid to admit that money can solve most problems.
“The middle class sees money as an infinite necessary evil, which must be accepted as part of life. The world class sees money as a great liberator, with a sufficient amount of which they can find financial peace. ”

Rich people prefer learning to fun
… while the average person prefers entertainment to self-education.
Seebold explains that the rich do not invest much hope in attaining wealth through acquiring a formal education, they prefer the power of self-study for a long time after graduation.
“Go to the house of a rich man, and one of the first things that you could notice would be an impressive library of books with which they learned how to become more successful,” he writes. “The middle class reads novels, tabloids and entertainment magazines.”
Rich people just want to surround themselves with like-minded people.
… while ordinary people consider rich people to be snobs.
Sebold believes that a negative and wrong attitude towards money is what makes rich people stay away from the middle class.
“Rich people cannot tolerate pessimistic promise. Usually, this is incorrectly perceived by the masses as snobbery. Putting a snobbery label on the world class is another way that allows average people to feel that they are better people and that this mediocre way is the right one. ”

Rich people focus on earning
… while ordinary people are focused on saving.
Sebold makes the theory that the rich are more focused on what they will get by taking risks rather than how to preserve what they have.
“The masses pay so much attention to cutting discount coupons and frugality that they miss the main opportunities,” he writes. “Even in the midst of a cash flow crisis, the rich will not accept this poor mass philosophy.” They are masters of concentrating their mental energy on what is needed – on big money. ”

Rich people know when to take risks
… while average people play with money neatly.
“Financial leverage is the slogan of the rich,” writes Sebold.
“Every investor sometimes loses money, but world-class people know that no matter what happens, they will always have the opportunity to earn even more.”

Rich people are calm in the variability of being
… while average people seek comfort.
“Physical, psychological and emotional comfort are the priority goals in the worldview of the middle class,” writes Sebold. “World-class thinkers immediately realize that becoming a millionaire is not easy, and the desire for comfort can be destructive.” They learn to feel comfortable working in a state of constant uncertainty. ”
Rich people expect higher returns
… while average people are getting ready to fight.
“Do not listen to skeptics telling you that life should be a battle and you should cling to something and be grateful for what you have. You have to think broadly. Why not a million dollars? ”Asked Sebold.
Rich people are obsessed with success
… while ordinary people think obsession is a bad word.
“The truth is that rich people have a positive obsession with what they want, including money. The rich see business and life as a game. And they love to win this game. ”
Think about what you want and how exactly you are going to achieve it – so advises Seabold. You will need a certain level of discipline for “victory.”

Rich people see money as a friend
… while ordinary people regard them as an enemy.
“Most people have a wrong, competitive relationship with money. After all, we were all taught that money is a deficit — it is hard to get it, and even harder to save, ”writes Sebold.
“If you want to start attracting money, stop seeing them as your enemy and start thinking of them as your best ally. This is a friend who can put an end to sleepless nights, full of anxiety and physical pain, and can even save your life. Rich people see money as a special friend who can help them in the way no friend can. ”

Rich people know they can have everything
… while ordinary people believe that they will have to choose between a strong family and wealth.
Sebold believes that the idea that wealth comes at the cost of time that can be spent on a family is sucked from the finger.
“The masses, as a result of brainwashing, believe that here one must choose either/or. The rich know that you can have anything you want if you come to any life challenge with a spirit full of love and a desire for abundance. “


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