How to save yourself from the grenade ? | PUBG Survival Game Trick


  The role of the grenade as a weapon for throwing a weapon in the survival of the Jedi is very large, so how can the survival of the grenade can be lost? How can the Jedi survival throne be thrown away? Take these questions and look down the images .

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The grenade is tested as a farthest throwing distance, and the grenade can be thrown up to 80 meters in the horizontal line. However, since the grenade will continue to rebound toward the front after touching the ground, the actual situation may be farther than 80 -100 meters!


 Don’t underestimate the 80 meters. Our distance in the encounter is generally within the range of grenade! Considering the terrain such as slopes and highlands, the grenade may even blow up enemies more than 100 meters away!

  When the enemy throws the grenade, we need to leave the explosion range, but if there is a bunker in the middle, it seems that it is completely flustered. Can the small bunker block the grenade? This is a proposition, but the small series still has a profession. Conductive.

After a small series of tests, I found that:

  Really can not catch small stones can also block the grenade, confident face the wire, but the speed limit card will not work, not because it is too thin to stop But because the speed limit card will be blown up, so it can’t stop.

Therefore, we must make good use of this feature of the grenade to avoid a lot of damage from the grenade, and finally I wish everyone can eat chicken every day !


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