How to solve if you phone fell in the water, what should you have to do?


Although the price of smart phones is increased, the fact that some devices are water resistant and that some devices are water resistant is still valid. Regardless of brand and model, from Apple devices to BlackBerry devices, if the device does not have water resistance, you can be sure that serious problems are waiting for you. If your device has fallen into water, the first thing to do is to remove the battery of the device, if the battery cannot be removed, it should be switched off immediately and not attempted to open. If you try to turn on the device, you will cause more problems.

Put In A Bowl Of Rice
Although the device looks like an old-fashioned method, try to place it in the jar or any other container in the rice, with the covers and battery removed, and keep the device for at least a few hours. As soon as possible, send the device to technical service and never try to dry it. This will cause further damage to the device and cause it to malfunction.

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