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How to Unlock Mobile Screen if you forgot Password or pattern ?

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iMobie’s DroidKit, which you can use to remove Android screen lock without password, makes your mobile usable in a few steps.

Android users can make the information on their smartphones more secure with password, password, pattern or biometric verification methods. On the other hand, in various scenarios; When you buy a used phone, try to unlock your old phone, or forget your password, you may be wondering what to do. iMobie’s DroidKit , which you can use to unlock Android screen without password , helps to make your smartphone usable in just a few steps.

How to Unlock Android Screen Without Password and Passcode

  • Step 1- Download iMobie’s DroidKit and complete the installation steps.
  • Step 2- Open the program and press the Unlock Screen button.
  • Step 3- Connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer via USB.
  • Step 4- Press the Start button in the green box .
  • Step 5- Wait for the download to complete.
  • Step 6- After the download is complete, click the Remove Now button.
  • Step 7- Wait for the process to complete.

To make your smartphone usable again, you first need to download iMobie’s DroidKit and follow the installation steps. DroidKit can be used on Windows and macOS devices and does not require any root access (also known as root) on your smartphone or tablet.

1- Run iMobie’s DroidKit

After installation, run the program and press the Unlock Screen button. iMobie’s Droidkit can remove all locks regardless of the type of security authentication you use (password, password, pattern, fingerprint, face recognition). Moreover, it supports more than twenty thousand Android phones and tablets.

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2- Confirm the Transaction

You will see some information and details on the screen that opens. While on this screen, you need to connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable. As a small reminder, all data on your device that has not been backed up will be deleted after the action you will take. If everything is ready, continue by pressing the Start button in the green box .

3- Wait for Downloads to End

After pressing the start button, your Android device will be automatically identified and the necessary files will be downloaded in a few seconds. During this process, make sure that your device’s USB connection is protected and do not terminate the connection in any way.

4- Complete the Installation Steps

After the downloads are complete, you should press the Remove Now button on the screen that opens . After pressing this button, you will see a menu where you can choose which device you are using. In order to get the most accurate instructions and complete the process without any problems, select the brand of the device you are using from this screen.

On the next screen, you will see an instruction screen customized according to the brand of your device. Since the information on this screen may vary from brand to brand, you should carefully and exactly follow all the instructions written in the program.

After completing the installation steps, your device will be ready to use in a few minutes. You must make sure that the cable connection of your device is stable throughout the process, otherwise the process may be interrupted or undesirable problems may occur.

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iMobie’s DroidKit stands out as a program that you can use not only to remove the screen lock without a password, but also to solve all other problems similarly. We have also brought together some other benefits and functions of the program for you

iMobie’s DroidKit Features

  • Unlock Screen (Without Password)
  • Disabling FRP Lock
  • Cleaning Junk Files
  • Reinstalling and Updating the Operating System
  • Fixing System Errors
  • Recover Lost Data
  • Extracting Required Files

In this guide, we took a closer look at how you can remove the screen lock of your Android device without the password or password knowledge. Do not forget to share your opinions about iMobie’s DroidKit with us and our other readers in the comments tab just below.

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