How to use WhatsApp Password Encryption (Android – iOS)


For Android and iOS , ” WhatsApp encryption is done?”, ” WhatsApp login password is set? “, ” WhatsApp messages are encrypted? ” How to do WhatsApp encryption for those who do not want to read WhatsApp messages ? Step by step. On Android and iPhone, we also refer to how to use the WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature.

WhatsApp Password Encryption (Encryption):
WhatsApp has the ability to encrypt and decrypt messages in Android and iOS , but is not available to all users as it is already in beta. With the support of Touch ID and Face ID on the WhatsApp iOS version, iPhone users will be able to set a password for the WhatsApp application launch . Fingerprint lock feature will also be available to those who use the Android version of WhatsApp . At this point WhatsApp encryption (password-away) to consider whether an additional application WhatsApp, but it runs on the encryption feature will not be available on all devices. Old iPhone / Android phone models can not update WhatsApp users to apply passwordsfeature. For users who do not want to update or update WhatsApp, we said that we could explain the way of setting the WhatsApp login password in alternative ways .

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Password Encryption in WhatsApp Android App (Encryption):
There are two different ways to set login password in WhatsApp Android app . If your Android phone has a fingerprint reader, you can enable fingerprint authentication by touching Authentication – Fingerprint under Settings – Account – Privacy via the WhatsApp application. When you turn on fingerprint verification, WhatsApp will prompt you to read your finger every time you open it.


If your Android phone doesn’t have a fingerprint reader or if you’re not using the fingerprint reader, one of the Android application locking, encryption applications will work. AppLock, Norton App Lock, LOCX, Smart AppLock, CM Security AppLock is a free downloadable, many Android application locking, encryption application available.

Encryption in WhatsApp iOS (iPhone) Application (Encryption):
There is only one way to set a password for an entry in the WhatsApp iOS app . As an iPhone user with Touch ID or Face ID, you can enable fingerprint authentication by touching Touch ID / Face ID in WhatsApp – Settings – Account – Privacy under WhatsApp. Whether you want fingerprints or face recognition, WhatsApp will prompt you to read your finger / face every time you open it. Neither two validation methods work, or if unsuccessful attempts fail over each other, WhatsApp will ask for your iPhone password.

WhatsApp is the second way of encryption in iOS application ; Using one of the Cydia tweaks. If you have jailbreaked your iPhone, there are many application locking applications available from Cydia, such as WhatsApp ++, AppLocker, BioLockdown, iProtect, BioProtect. If your iPhone isn’t jailbreaked, don’t direct it to the App Store; the application in the store locking, encryption applications, such as a fee does not work.

WhatsApp To store your WhatsApp messages from prying eyes WhatsApp Encryption in Android and iOS application, this is as simple as setting a password to boot .


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