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How Will Class Pass? Here are the Curiosities


The Regulation on the Amendment of the Ministry of National Education (MEB) Regulation on Secondary Education Institutions was published in the Official Gazette . How will the class pass? Here are the details.

If the compensation program cannot be applied due to the fact that the students have only one semester score and the conditions that cause the break continue, the year-end score of the students will be determined by a semester score .

Students who meet the requirements for passing directly to the class will be transferred directly to the upper class, regardless of the total number of failed courses, including lower classes, students who do not meet the requirements.

Will there be absence from absenteeism?
Students who fail to repeat the class due to absenteeism will not be considered within the scope of these conditions. Students who remain in the class due to absenteeism will repeat the class.

Finally, students who receive vocational education in enterprises in vocational and technical secondary education institutions, if the skill exam cannot be held, students who see the training of theoretical and applied courses as concentrated in the enterprises by evaluating the one-year success score of the skill / vocational education course in the enterprise as the year-end success score, will be able to move up to the next grade provided they have attended the intensive training program .

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