Is Artificial Intelligence Able to Destroy Humanity?


We hear the technology of artificial intelligence every day, we carry in our mobile phone, but are we investigating? Even Stephen Hawking , a great scientist, doubted that artificial intelligence would destroy humanity and warn people about it. Artificial intelligence, which is constantly suspected of annihilating humanity, actually works well. After thoroughly understanding; We think that artificial intelligence will replace humanity or cause humanity to disappear . In short, what is artificial intelligence, let’s explain it first.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Brief? How to Create?
Artificial intelligence is simply; transfer of human intelligence or the like to the machine. Artificial intelligence is based on artificial neural networks, in order to produce artificial intelligence, we first created artificial neural networks that mimic the neurons in the human brain. Artificial neural networks are briefly; software that can learn to do something. Thanks to artificial neural networks, different software can be developed without the need of programming. So; we create artificial intelligence with deep learning, machine learning, data mining and neural networks.

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Why produce artificial intelligence?
Let’s think about it first. Why are we creating artificial intelligence? It is expected that machines will help people to do some things and make human life easier. People need to think like people to better serve people. They also need to behave like humans. Essentially, the purpose of producing artificial intelligence; it is to facilitate people’s work.

Algorithms are prepared to produce software that will produce a solution. As the subject changes, the algorithm also needs to be changed and the software needs to be re-prepared. Specific algorithms have been developed that mimic the human brain with artificial neural networks. We also use these algorithms for face recognition, and we use it when reading plate. It does not require the code to be modified and the software should be overwritten. Therefore, it is very important to mimic the neural networks in the human brain. Despite all the improvements in computer technology and the many problems we can solve, we still have problems such as “face recognition”, “voice recognition” that we cannot find the algorithm for. Artificial intelligence can handle these things.


Did Artificial Intelligence Come to Level That Will Destroy Humanity?
Artificial intelligence today is no different from a newborn baby. Artificial intelligence must be superior and more intelligent than mankind to destroy humanity. Artificial intelligence, like humans, is also trained with a lot of information. One of the obstacles to the advancement of artificial intelligence is the lack of adequate data for the training of artificial intelligence. Because in order for artificial intelligence to learn, data must be given to artificial intelligence in an organized and labeled manner. Today’s knowledge is therefore very important. In this way, the importance of big data (Big Data) came to light with artificial intelligence again.

One of the main development goals of web 3.0 technology, which is expected to enter our lives in the near future, is the information content on the internet; It is about preparing not only people but also machines in a format that they can understand. With the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, data sharing between devices is made; it is aimed to transfer the data in human life to digital. All these technologies will also provide the strengthening of artificial intelligence.

Today, artificial intelligence; we have also started to use it in our phone cameras, digital voice assistants, weather forecasting and even autonomous vehicle driving. The most important reason why we can use artificial intelligence in these areas is that sufficient and regular data are prepared and labeled in the targeted areas. For example; For the self-driving cars to travel, a supercomputer is placed into the car with a high processing capacity. The neural networks inside the supercomputer are pre-prepared and trained models. Camera data from the sensors, ultrasonic data and others are processed in the neural network inside the computer, and the inferences are made to determine which direction the vehicle will go. All this is done by artificial intelligence meticulously without requiring human intervention in seconds. In Artificial Intelligence applications, a problem is identified and data related to this problem is collected. After the data is prepared, neural networks are created to infer the data with these data.

In summary; artificial intelligence is really important and useful technology for humanity. It will be more beneficial for all of us to think about the benefits that humanity provides and will provide. For example, perhaps we can find the remedy of cancer with artificial intelligence.


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