Is Autonomous Vehicles Really Safe?


Autonomous vehicles , one of the fantasies frequently used by popular science fiction films of a period , gradually became a part of real life. Many brands, from Google to Uber, Tesla , from Wolkswagen to Volvo, make huge investments in autonomous driving technology . So, how much can we trust on autonomous vehicles? Here’s the answer.

Even though autonomous vehicles are not fully autonomous on the roads due to legal obstacles, this situation will change very soon.

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Risk of accident, security systems and the risk of cyber attack are some of the question marks surrounding autonomous driving technology.

AVL Research and Engineering Turkey General Manager Dr. Serkan İmpram said that the year 2025 foreseen for autonomous vehicles to be on the road could still be achieved . Impram said that the L5 level, which means full autonomous, is not ready for the date indicated due to both the infrastructure needs and the need for a highly developed artificial intelligence .


Acak In contrast, the L4 functions will meet the end user in a shorter period of time, which means that your car will go to your own parking space and come to you when you need it. Just like the traffic jam assistant, the L3 level functions where the driver is in the background for security purposes, will reach the market soon.

Referring to the question of whether autonomous vehicles are safe or not, Impram said, It seems certain that the fully autonomous vehicle will be much safer than the average driver of today, since it will be a system that is never tired, can see much better than a human, can perceive and implement much faster . Ot said.


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